A Savory Way to Stabilize Blood Sugar

From http://www.realage.com/tips/a-savory-way-to-steady-blood-sugar
"For blood sugar as balanced as a Russian gymnast, try adding lentils to your diet.

"According to Jonny Bowden, PhD, author of The 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth, these earthy little legumes are chock-full of soluble fiber – one of nature’s niftiest gifts for keeping blood sugar in check.

“Lentils and other foods high in soluble fiber have a low glycemic load; the fiber in them delays digestion. That in turn triggers a slow, steady release of sugar and insulin into the bloodstream.”

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Vegetables have lots of fiber & without the carbs in lentils. Honestly, I’m tired of hearing how some food or supplement keeps BG in check, when it doesn’t. For those of us who have none of our own insulin, there won’t be a “slow, steady release of insulin into the bloodstream.” I clicked on the lentil recipe on the dLife link. Lentils & pasta aren’t the best choices for people with diabetes.

Establishing glycemic index of foods was tested on people without diabetes, from the research I’ve read, so it may have minimal bearing on people with diabetes.

That’s an important clarification, Gerri. Thank you!!

There’s always someone promoting some miracle food or supplement looking to make a buck hailing the latest snake oil, or some latest book on what to eat. Low GI is the recent trend. Bet I & many others can list the 150 foods in Dr. Bowden’s book. Ho-hum:)

There’s tons of info here for you to search on how people manage diabetes & it often has little resemblance to ADA guidelines & outdated food pyramids.

I agree with Gerri here.
Low glycemic load doesn’t do it for me: T1.

Are you mixing up GI and GL? I’m trying to fallow this but there is a difference between the GI and GL and how a food may impact BG.

I was trying to explain that to a nondiabetic who was trying to preach the low glycemic index. My body doesn’t care about that, just how many carbs I stuff in it as opposed to units of Insulin.

T2 management. I’ve tried to answer this question.

I am a Type 3 diabetic (I have family and friends with Type I and Type II diabetes who I have helped for about 25 years).
I studied for a PhD in Medicine from an Australian University in the 1980s and have also taught medical students about medicines and drugs.
I have been involved in medical research for a number of years at Universities.
I have also worked in the Pharmaceutical drug industry for over a decade as well as for several years in the Government’s Drug safety programme.

My Diabetes-YourBloodSugar websites made their debut on the web in early December 2009 ! The Diabetes: YourBloodSugar sites are about Type 2 diabetes and provide useful information about Diet, Lifestyle, Exercise, Diabetes Education, Health Checkups and Monitoring Blood Sugars!

I wanted to put up a site on the web with the ‘min and max’ amount of information required for truly understanding Type 2 Diabetes (but short of going into medications, which is usually overseen by your Healthcare Team and/or an Endocrinologist). I felt a comprehensive ‘all-inclusive’ site was lacking, which both ‘asked and answered’ ALLLL… the pertitent questions about Type 2 diabetes management.

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Love the Wilford Brimley video. Guess we’re all in agreement about him:)

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It took me a while to make the connection that he was (one of) the the main actors in the movie Cocoon.

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He should stick to acting, or learn how to pronounce diabetES.

Yep, saw the video on your Youtube page. It’s great!

I LOVE lentils!!! They are not low carb, but they are healthy and I love them.

I bolus cup for cup the same amount as pasta. So I agree with the of T1’s who posted that these are not an easy food for them. Slower digestion is noticible – my post prandial numbers are usually good after lentils.