Grains Legumes Fruit Veg?

In what combination is the most popular of above for reversing diabetes?
Has anyone on here had any success with “Eat to Live” philosophy by Dr Fuhrman?
I live in UK and want to know more about it as the person who recommended me to this site think its good.
What foods are the most popular for keeping blood sugar readings high?
When i eat fish and minimum veg and take no tablets…2 hours later my readings are normal.
I am going to experiment with grains, legumes, fruit and vegetables now to trigger weightloss.
With knee cartilage injury I know an exercise bike is the best way to keep fit as I cant stand for long or put pressure on knee.
In conclusion what types of foods keeps a person’s blood sugar high…without medication until they lose weight…and what foods are best to get off medication?
Thanking you in advance for answer.

im just starting all of this myself and had a similar question regarding beans. How has your progress been so far?

I’m finding that a 1/2 cup serving of cooked legumes raises my blood glucose to 150 mg/dl or higher. It’s a shame because legumes are very nutritious. I have T2 diabetes and not on insulin.

When I got diagnosed in July, I was given a book “What to Eat if you have Diabetes” Healing Foods that help Control Blood Sugar. By Maureen Keane M.S. and Daniella Chace M.S. I have the updated Second edition. It is a wonderful book! Really informative and user friendly. I would recommend it to anyone, especially the newly diagnosed. I think this book would answer your questions. good luck