A step back for the home page

I posted here a few weeks ago when I was happy that top recent discussions appeared on the tudiabetes home page (at least as viewed from my PC).

But in the past week there’s been a step backwards, as that has disappeared from the home page.

I’m glad I’m “in the know” and know how to get to the general forum/discussion index with a couple mouse clicks. LET ME SAY THIS WOULD NOT BE OBVIOUS FOR A TUDIABETES NEWBIE and those are the ones we should be more welcoming to by showing them the lively discussion content RIGHT ON THE HOME PAGE.

I agree!

I have bookmark and come direct to forum. But just went to tudiabetes.org, and not obvious how to get here. Popup offered logon or create logon, would discourage someone that wants to review before signing up.

Maybe your right. It is a little tricky to direct people to the forum. One of those rotating images could direct people there, saying “Ask a Diabetic!” like its a game show or something. Talking to you guys is as much fun as a game show.