TuDiabetes new look! GIVE US YOUR THOUGHTS!

As some of you may have noticed, we have been busy tonight putting together some ideas we have been working to improve the overall functionality, look and feel of our community’s site.

New Home Page

Our one-year old homepage design turned the visual experience somehow monotonous with occasionally too much text and links, and not as much emphasis on visuals, as we would like to start having on the second year of TuDiabetes.com online.

Previous Home Page

So, we figured it made perfect sense, to give a delayed birthday present to all of us. Recently Ning (the platform where our community is running) launched some new features so we took the chance to make some important changes on the layout and navigation of our home page. If we need an excuse, Spring is in the air, and it just made perfect sense to update and refresh our color scheme as well.

Please let us know how do you like the new design.

-Do you miss anything from our previous one?
-Would you change or add anything else?

Your feedback and experience is very valuable to us, after all TuDiabetes is here for the sake of its members!


Thanks for your work to make this happen, Andre!! LOVE YOU!!! :smiley:

I think the new color scheme gives the site a light airy feeling. It feels welcoming.

ACK!!! how autistic of me:( I totally dislike the green color. sorry… I’m not against new colors. Just this one isnt too friendly to me. I’m having a very hard time with the subtitle colors. I thought it was my settings. I tried to change it quickly!
I’m lost. I cant seem to find my way. It will be like going to a new city and being dropped blindfolded without a map or friendly face for me.
I look for the three hands at the top of the page everytime I come here. It’s my welcome home sign… like knowing that when you come home the first thing I see as I walk in the door is familiar…
I guess I cant really discribe how I feel. May I ask you to see things from an “autistic side” my inability to transition is great. I feel like I got kicked in the gut/sick feeling.
I’m sorry. I know that this doesnt change the family that is here. I feel sad. I’m a child out of sync. It will take me months to adjust to this sudden change.
Meadowlark… in silent tears.

Looks great Andreia! Well done!

WOA, MeadowLark!

I am sorry it feels this way to you. We will continue to collect some more feedback to see how we go about your comments.

Take care, amiga.

I like the format of the new page but I am not too crazy about the color.That would be the only thing I would change.Maybe an emerald green.

love love love the new look… except for… the green. just because i don’t like that color. I agree with Dee. an emerald green would look real nice.

also i miss the hands also… any way that they could be to the left of the new logo, because i love the size of the logo.


Hey manny,

I think you need the shaded breaks between the categories of the site because it all just looks jumbled together, i have to agree with everyone else on the color not crazy about that green.


Moving the forums closer to the top is an excellent move. People with slower connections won’t have to scroll through slowly loading graphics to get there.

I don’t know why the members photos are second - is there some significance to this section? Does it show who’s on-line? who posts most frequently? is it random. It’s not making a lot of sense to me.

How about moving the Groups closer to the top as well?

Well done. We appreciate your hard work.


Thank you all for your feedback!

I will start working on a solution that accommodates as many as your comments as possible. Rest assure, the green will go away :). I apologize for any inconvenience.

Thanks for your feedback, Terry!!!

The members area is now set up to show “Most Popular” members which is relatively random, but in a way reflects folks that have some degree of recent activity. We wanted to make the faces of the community more prominent and felt that the “placeholder” image for members who had still not uploaded a photo was not a good reflection of this, which is why we decided to drop the idea of making the section show the “Most Recent” members (like we had before).

Let me ponder the Groups move a bit.

I wish you’d put the Tudiabetes blogs with the first sentences back on the font page, before the announcements of the events which seem to be mostly the kind of junk that fills my spambox.

I think people come for support, so I’m glad to see the forum where it is easy to find. But the blogs are also a support thing, so please, don’t bury them!

Point taken and put into action! :slight_smile:

We are now showing details for the 3 most recent blog posts on the left column.

We hope you like this color scheme better. We will find a way to put the hands_icon back on the header. I will take some time, tough. About the shaded subtitles lets see how it works for few days, I will experiment with some CSS if necessary, but I don’t want to go back to the horizontal thick lines just yet.

Andreina, it is beautiful! The brown matches the new logo perfectly.
The “link” text color blends in well also. You most certainly have a knack for this!!!

Thanks for all your hard work and answering people’s comments/woes so quickly!

I love these colors much easier on the eyes ! you guys do a wonderful job!

love this color scheme! awesome Andreina!


Great! Thanks.

One other cavil. The pale green is a nice color, but on my monitor it comes out very pale and that makes the headlines hard to read.

Does anyone else have this problem?

I have a true color flat screen monitor–my screen display maps correctly to printed material So this might be a concern for others.

You mean the color for the links?