Migration Update: rough sketch of our new home page!

Hey friends!

Here's a rough, working sketch of the new home page we're working on for the site migration! It's open to change, but I wanted to show you the work in progress. Our goal is to make the home page cleaner, simpler and more visually pleasing than the one we have now, and the navigation through and around the site more intuitive.

You can also check out sketches of our future video archive, blogs page, events page, and forum category structure. Remember that all of these pages are works in progress, and some things might change as we go along. You can also read some background information about the migration project, the features which will change in this process, and features we will gain.

The space you see right below the top navigation won't be there. In this sketch it's just there so we can see the pop-down list under "Discussion Groups" (aka forum categories and subcategories) which will only appear when you click on that.

Featured Content will be a rotating banner, like the one we currently have on the home page, but different dimensions.

The Latest will be a dynamic list of recent conversations in the forum.

HON Code is our Health On the Net certification badge, which is currently on the bottom-right of every page.

Calendar widget will be a calendar view of each month, where you can click on a day to see the event(s) on that day. We don't yet know which widget this will be, but the hope is that it can be a google calendar-type thing that allows members to RSVP to an event right there, and will automatically place the event on their personal calendar. More on that later...

That looks great! I like the idea of cleaner but, at the same time, I sort of have a filter built into my head and don't see things I don't want to see. I always assume everyone has this but realize that people have different filters and that cleaner is certainly better! I'm looking forward to the transition, particularly after last weekend!

I suggest that any rotating banner or any other moving image not be displayed adjacent to any live video content. That's a visual distraction we now experience on the current home page when live video is displayed.

Question: I like the pulled-out comments from various forums that is currently on the home page. However, the threads disappear fairly quickly and I never can find one that I want to check back on even an hour later.

I like the quick view of various threads but hate not being able to find them later. How will this/these two things be handled on the new format?

I totally agree Terry.

Nell, the new platform's search function is so good that if you can just remember a word, or a few words, about the discussion you're looking for, it will immediately list suggestions.

Great suggestion, Terry! We're actually planning for live interviews to show up on the videos page, when they're in progress, rather than the home page, and there's nothing moving over there :)