A Sudden Realisation... & thank you!

After being a member of tudiabetes for just under a week, one very positive thing has happened since I joined - which I’d like to personally thank Manny Hernandez for, who created the site…

After making quite a few friends through tudiabetes… I had a moment of sudden realisation… I no longer feel like I have to do this diabetes thing on my own! Woohoooooooooo!

I’ve been a diabetic since the age of 18, and for the past 16 years I’ve never known any other diabetics or had the opportunity to ask for some advice or experience first hand (apart from the various endos or medical professionals who don’t actually have diabetes). So some thank yous are in order!..


And to all those tudiabetes members online who have put together their own sites relating to diabetes… keep up the good work :wink:

Wow Billy - you’ve done well to go it alone for so long!

D sites are wonderful aren’t they!! I belong to a few, and I check them obsessively, along with reading blogs, sometimes writing in mine, and I still have to check out diabetes books from the library! (And generally send them back with disgust as they always seem old fashioned and useless to me).

It can be an addiction, but it has to be a good one. I’ve learnt at least a million times more from diabetics than I ever could have from doctors.

Glad you found us :slight_smile: Very happy that you no longer feel alone!

Thank you! I love this site because I too figured I had to do this on my own but thanks to ppl here I found out I didn’t have too! And I’ve been a diabetic since I was 10 and now am 44! I love this site!!!


Totally awesome, congratulations! Definitely I think this is the biggest value of communities like these, so we can help support and inform each other. I’ve also found TuDiabetes to be an indispensables resource :slight_smile:

Your words touched my heart…

I am SO happy to read this!!! It’s amazing HOW MANY of us there are and how lonely we can feel until something like this happens to us: for me, it was the Orlando Pumpers club in 2006, that helped me realize that I was not alone. Now, thanks to the incredible platform Ning provides us with, TuDiabetes can replicate the same experience for so many of us throughout the world.

(BTW. that is the cutest pig, Lindsay!)