A surviving JB saying hello there!

I hope that you are still all here, are you?, you must all be wide awake!

I had a urethra operation to widen the pipe which got blocked all the

way to the bladder.

The plumber, eh the doctor, seemed to be in the mood to do this without

anesthetic and make me scream my longs out! Then he had the lungs back


No kidding this event which should be done in the hospital, was done as

an emergency measure because if you don’t pee you will exploded and you will find

pieces all over the wallpaper. He just had wallpapered the room at great

expense! LOL.

In short, it was the greatest pain I have ever experienced in the last

80 years. Cannot recommend it to you! But now it all works again, how

about that!

I may be back posting again about important subjects like waking up etc.

Thanks again you good people you are!



Dear Johnben …that procedure sounds soooo painful …I am happy to read, that your sense of humor did not suffer . I never forget , what Hubby went through , when he had Brachytherapy and he had problems voiding after the surgery .

I had the procedure done as a 23 hour hospital stay. I was not totally blocked. Sorry you had to go thru that I would not wish in on anyone

Ouch JB - glad you can joke about it (would they have charged you for new wallpaper I wonder). Glad the plumber knew what he was doing - and that the pipes are flowing good again!

Lordy Johnben. Very sorry that you had to go through that pain. Lucky that the Plumber was able to do it quickly, I guess. I’m Glad that you are able to use it again. Nice of you to save the Doc’s wallpaper. I appreciate your sense of humour. :smiley:

So sorry. Now my bladder infection seems like a summer vacation

Torture! Did this doctor also use a blunt instrument & have whips in the examing room? Did they turn up the music so no one heard your screams?

Glad you’re ok now with working plumbing.

Oh my…Seriously sounds painful. I concur.

Thank you all! You is so good, you is!


Hi JohnBen – sorry to hear about this very painful procedure! Glad that you have it behind you!!!