Johnben' return

Hello All! Yes JB is still around and kicking even! My heart failure took a lot out of me but now that the drugs take hold a bit, all 10 of them, it goes a bit better. Incase you don't know, I have Congested Heart Failure, complements of 50 years of diabetes type-1. Yes, I got a medal from Joslin. Got a bad big toe infection, can't walk well and going to Costco today for the first time, they planted me in a electric buggy to get around. When I returned the buggy, they said to me that I would not get it again, why?
It was very busy and the darn buggy did not follow my direction putting two ladies in the hospital and three people temporarely limping. They all forgave me, Xmas you know! I forgave them also, for standing in the way!
This is really a tryout for my new computer and a tryout for me also. Will be back telling you all kinds of things.


Well, I couldn't sleep, so I got up and reread your disccussion. I was Really hoping that you were just kidding, as you do sometimes. If this is a true incident, I'm sure that you gave them an apology and I hope that the People are okay. Nice that there was forgiveness all around.

Glad that you have working medication that makes you feel Better for the CHF. That has to be a tough condition.

It was really all LOL.

turn off the cellphone and stop texting. You're a distracted driver!

JohnBen, been a long time since I posted here! Get back on here, do you hear? It's Christmas Morning. Time to say to you and Johanna Merry Christmas!

Good to hear from you as always Johnben. It occurs to me that a number of people in my cohort (I am 44...) are starting to have CHF so perhaps your stuff is not entirely diabetes as much as victorious and successful to be alive, typing and scootering people?

Good day all,
This is Wayne Vandermeer, Johnben's son.
I am very sorry to have to report that my father died on Friday the 6th of January of a heart attack.
He and my mother had enjoyed a good morning together. They had just finished breakfast when dad said he wasn't feeling well and had to go back to bed. Mom stayed by his side and moments later he died. He did not suffer during his passing.
I know that he was very active on many of these forums and he really enjoyed posting articles and interacting with many of you.
Take care and we wish you all the best.

I'm so sorry that your father, Johnben, has died. He was in fact a valued member of this community. My condolences to you, your mother and family.

This is very sad news Wayne ...How is your Mom ??
My sincere condolences to Johanna and the family .
I did let Admin know . Thank you for taking the time out to let us on TuD know ...all the best ( from this Dutch gal ) to everyone in your family .

So sorry to hear that JohnBen is gone. I'm glad that he made it through Christmas and the New Year 2012. He did Well to survive that many years even with his 52? years with Diabetes. Ben was normally a ray of sunshine, interesting stories and info for us and a Nice Friend. It was Good of him to share his Life with us. My deepest condolances to Johanna, Wayne and Family.

Wayne, I am so sorry to hear of this. Words can't say how I'm feeling, but your family should know that I, along with the entire Tu community, is mourning with you. I wish you all strength to get through this.

Very sorry to hear about the loss of your Dad, Wayne. He has been an active poster on many diabetes sites. He is a great story tell with a terrific sense of humor/humour. He will be greatly missed by your family and many living with diabetes.

This is very sad. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends. Rest in peace.

I missed this too when it was first posted. My thoughts are with the family and his beloved Johanna that he always talked about on here.

I just saw this today. I'm sorry to hear about your father's passing. My condolences to you and your family, and especially to Johanna.

I'm sad to hear he's gone but a true winner lasting as long as he did! He will be missed.

So sorry to hear of your loss Wayne. I will miss your dad's humourous posts. Thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Joanne

JohnBen was a wonderful, cool gentleman. I read every post he made on numerous sites. He was knowledgeable, humorous and compassionate to all. I have a feeling he will stay in touch. I hope so.

I just deleted my post - I haven't been on inawhile and had forgot how to look at a) date blog posted; and b) other comments. So, so, sad to hear JohnBen and his great humour has left Tudiabetes and our big blue marble. We'll at least if I kick the bucket with heart probs (I'm 45 years with T1D so far) - JohnBen and I will be able to share some real rib cracking jokes where ever we end up!