Story #5 regarding my early diabetes adventures

This is a posting #5 special about my 50-year diab. struggle.

Special you say? Sure almost I say!
Before the advent of the monitors appearing, we had several close calls. Those bad ins. reactions could have given me a stroke well before the one I got in 2003. I remember one evening feeling very tired, and I went to rest on top of my bed. I went completely under and woke up in hospital. Jo went to phone for help (I was a brand new diabetic) and when she came back to the bedroom she wondered where I had gone and found me on the floor on the other end of the bed.

The worst one was happening in the middle of the night. Johanna heard me moving around and tried to wake me. Not a chance and she had to call the ambulance. Now read this! I ended up being in hospital two weeks, not because of the reaction but because of the fight I had with the three ambulance attendants. In my unconcious state I became very strong for some reason and did not want to be strapped in on the stretcher with the strong straps and broke them. The cost to my body was that every muscle in my back was very sore and they kept me in the hospital with treatments to make me able to move without the great pain I was suffering.
Well, you must have had some of these happenings your selfs.

I was rather new at this game and had to get myself organised to take my meds on time and do the many things I had over time to get used to (See my posting #6.) In 1990 I got bladder failure because of neuropathy. I told my Urologist that but he knew better he said. “Just a simple operation would fix it, he stated.” So I had the operation and while other patients went home one after another I had to stay. The doc said it probably was neuropathy! How smart he was. I was quite a show for me in that part of the hospital, all men of course because the hospital gowns never did fit the rather obese gentleman with the result that the back window was showing the two hills, really, some sight! However I did end up with having to use a catheter through the urethra, five times daily (including one time at 3 Am). This is no fun let me assure you! Have done it for more than 20 years.

I see that my posting gets full way to soon, I have so much to tell! Next posting is the one I wanted to tell about this time but it now be next time. Maybe you like some of the solutions I use to get every thing done the way they should and will show you!
Thanks for reading, You did, did you? LOL. Any responses are appreciated.


I don’t think you should quit at #5! Especially when you teased us with #6. It is good you share the stuff you have been thru so please don’t stop!

JB, The New York Times has an interesting section that I found just this morning – it’s called Patient Voices, and I think your story ought to be included (they have a section on Type 2 Diabetes but, inexplicably, not for Type 1).

I think even a forum on TuD would be great for stories like yours! They’re a great index for those of us who didn’t have to deal with the disease before the advent of portable [small] glucose meters and FlexPens!

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