A sweet plant

i am 28 year male from new Delhi, India on insulin .Always tried to keep distance from all kind of sweets even low carb sweeteners but recently a couple month back one of mine ayurvedic doctor told me about a plant name"STEVIA REBAUDIANA" .its looks like a small herb but the good thing is the leaves of this herb are sweet and when dried and made into powder with grinder the powder works like a nautral sweetener for real. The doctor also told me for a long time usage these leaves also help to regenerate the BETA cell of the pancreas .the plant is also not too expansive once you get you can grow it in your lawn too doesn’t required too much take care .

Stevia is very controversial. There are reports of it having a destructive effect on male sexual performance and fertility. I would dismiss this except that someone who has been a reliable poster on a.s.d. for a long time claimed that a relative had suffered this side effect.

It tastes pretty nasty to me–it’s one of those things that taste good to some people but not others, depending on how their taste buds are set up.

I am an avid user of Stevia. I purchase mine at the Vitamin Shoppe. It also has inulin fiber for a filler instead of maltose. Inulin fiber is supposed to be good for us. Also to first time users, the stevia has sort of a licorice aftertaste at first. But I don’t even notice it now.