Holiday Desserts

Okay so I have to plan for Christmas Dinner.

For years now, I have not like the Holidays. I have been the veritable Scrooge as it were. Since my children were grown up and no grandkids, what did I have to do Christmas for. My daughter never gave up on me, she has always loved Christmas no matter what the circumstances in our lives were.

This year will be my granddaughter’s 3rd Christmas with us in her 7 years due to other circumstances we did not get to see her for 4 years. My new grandson will be almost 5 months old for Christmas. Now I have to get in the holiday spirit.

So I am taking a chance here and adding a link to a product that I am very interested in.
It has to do with recipes for Desserts that are developed for Diabetics and people interested in Guilt Free Desserts

These recipes are developed with natural sweeteners. You can subscribe to the free newsletter and check it out before you buy the recipe book. I did and I like what I have been reading. The more natural food products are the safer for your body.

I love these recipes, now the decision is which ones to make. My husband is the diabetic, but he also hates chocolate.
Thank goodness there are other flavors in this book.

Menu planning is somewhat included in this book to. That will help.

more later

Just remember, if you cook with flour, it won’t matter which artificial sweetener you use! Flour turns into glucose in the body, and a lot of diabetic recipe books are filled with high carb foods that are just like eating pure sugar.

I would be a bit cautious about Stevia because right now a big food company has bought rights to it and there is a lot of bogus promotion going on for it. In fact, many of us find it tastes nasty. And it has been linked to problems with the male reproductive tract in the past.

I see so many people who appear to be paid spammers posting about stevia on the discussion boards lately that I am suspicious of ALL posts about it.

I suspect they are paid spammers because they turn every discussion into a discussion about this “wonderful new sweetener” which is of course, and old sweetener that has been discussed to death on the diet and diabetes discussion groups for a decade.

Thank you for that information. As I just joined this community and am not a member of any other that discusses diabetes or sweeteners, I have to say that I am not a paid spammer. For the sweeteners that I do use in foods my husband eats, I generally use good old white or brown sugar. Just not as much as is called for. Or applesauce or some thing that is naturally sweet like a fruit spread. You are right of course about the flour. I did get him to stop eating white bread. He now much prefers a good wheat bread.

I am sorry if I have given the impression of being a spammer.