A Twist!

So the games begin. Even with my parents insurance, it looks like I might have to start choosing between diabetic supplies and bills. And get another job because I need my school loan to last out until my boyfriend gets his for next semester, which is 2 more months of rent, utilities, cable and internet, gas, and food, and diabetic supplies. Let’s face some facts here, my job has too many people and not enough work, and they won’t fire anyone because it’s a campus job, the most I really get to work is 4 hours a day 3 days a week. Fact 2, getting a job in Troy is next to impossible because no one is ever hiring. Fact 3, my boyfriend, as much as I love him, is jobless and has less money than I do. And fact 4, I can’t go to bartending school until at least May, so that possible income has to wait. Conclusion, adulthood blows.