Work was really stressful today.

Like the kind of day you want to walk up to your boss and tell him to do the job himself, you know?

And it's not his fault- he gets his orders too, but I am stressed.

And I start to get even more stressed when I realize that diabetes is foiling me again. As I sit and fantacize about turing in my notice, I realize that I am not like the average girl that could actually do that if he or she wanted to. I need insurance. I need to keep my son alive. I need the freaking insurance so I can pay for all the things a diabetic child- and husband for that matter- need. And I sit at my desk and get angrier and angrier at this disease. Not just becaue it has taken away my husbands freedom from shots. Not just because it has taken away my sons ability to play for hours without a blood sugar check. But because I cant quit my job if I wanted to. How selfish is that?

Sister, it is not selfish at all. It is simply a fact - you need the benefits which a job provides, and maybe feel a little trapped- trapped by the big D.
Some perky sparkly people might just think, “well, why doesn’t she just go and get a different job?” I know that it’s never, ever that simple.
I made some poor choices in my career , not really because of the need for benefits, but because I thought I’d be dead in 20 years so what difference would it make.
And here I am, 34 years later, still enjoying reasonable health and sitting at my computer at work surfing the net.
I wish you better days ahead.

When I read your post I think back to the day my first end told me I would always have to work for a large company. So far, that’s been the case since I got diagnosed (except for a brief period during which we relied on my wife’s student insurance).

My hope is one day we won’t have to worry about this any more because:

  1. A cure will have been found;
  2. Even if that weren’t the case soon, the US offers the people living here a health system that doesn’t require them to mortgage their lives to be able to qualify for the best healthcare available.

Hope, amiga… hope… :slight_smile: