A Very Special Walk Update

Okay people tomorrow is walk day! We are so pumped. I wanted to take this opportunity to let one of Nikki's best friends say a few words. She took it upon herself to organize a Max Life Bracelet sale at her school and worked so very hard to raise money on behalf of Nikki and all those affected by diabetes. Soooooo, Here is Brooke's blog:

Hello! My name is Brooke Willis and my very best friend (Nikki) has diabetes. I can never know what she goes through every day, but I do know that it hurts her so it hurts me. I pray every day and every night that someone will find a cure. I love walking with Nikki and selling pop at her pop stand to raise money to help JDRF find a cure, but this year I wanted to do more. I decided to sell bracelets at my school to raise money. I am a 5th grader at Piner Elementary. My principal thought it would be a great idea. So every morning for a week and a half I sold bracelets before school. They interviewed me on our school news and I told the whole school how I wanted to help find a cure for Nikki. I am very proud of how the students at my school supported me by buying bracelets. Every student who bought a bracelet got to hang a shoe on the wall. The wall looked really cool with all the shoes on it! Tomorrow at the JDRF walk I will get to turn in the $170 dollars I raised! I would do anything to help Nikki, she is a very special friend! Also, I know that there are children all over the world that have diabetes. I hope that this money really helps find a cure for Juvenile Diabetes, because it is a very mean disease!

This is wonderful ; a few tears here and short of words …all the BEST …

That’s lovely! What a special girl. Give Brooke (& Nikki) big hugs from us.

Thank you both so much! They are very special young ladies - we are so blessed.