Kids Walks

I have to share my excitement and proud mom moment! Alex has been working with two elementary schools, one is her own and one is another school that does not have any diabetics in it. She has been teaching them about life with diabetes. She emailed them (mom typed) almost everyday for 2 weeks and answered class questions etc. The emailing is new for both schools as before they just read a book and talked about it. The kids LOVED it! This is the second year that BCES has participated in the walk (the school without the D kids) and they raised over $8100. Alex went to their school for a few hours in the afternoon to meet them and talk to them on Thursday. The kids were so excited to see her and talk to her. She was like a star. Some even asked for her autograph. LOL It was a wonderful experience.

At her school, which has done the walk for the past 2 years, raised an amazing $22,000 today! While the money is wonderful I think the best part was attending walks and seeing how much the kids were learning about diabetes and how much the Kids Walks were teaching them about people/or other students that had the disease. It truly warmed my heart to see such caring! I am proud of Alex for sharing some of her personal life with these kids which wasn’t easy because she really was putting herself out there where kids could tease her, but she did it to help others which makes me thankful that I have such a giving girl that is willing to make things better for the next kid.

you should be extremely proud of your daughter. she is a fine young woman with advocacy as her goal. kudos!