Diabetes walk!

Hey, sorry i havent been on for awhile.
this week was spirit week, and all week ive been selling shoes for the JDRF walk. :slight_smile: i think we’ve got $50 so far, and more to sell.
anyways, today was the diabetes walk!
My entire team raised probably around $1000 i hope!
our shirts were super cute, i’ll post pictures later.
also, tonights my homecoming dance. i have no clue where to put my pump. :
so we’ll see…
bye! :slight_smile:

Hi Carly!! I’m glad that the walk was great and I hope that homecoming will be fun!

Ideas about where to put the pump:

  • wear a slip and sew/pin a pocket onto that… that way you can wear the pump at the height that will be least noticeable (OK I realize most high school girls don’t have a slip, but maybe you can borrow one)
  • I sometimes use a sports mp3 player holder on my leg ( though it’s meant to be used on your arm)
  • sew/pin a pocket to the inside of the dress (works best if your dress has more than one layer)
  • (depending on how loose your dress is around the waist) you can clip is to your underwear and then wear nylons over it to hold it in place.

Write me if you need more ideas.

Here are some more ideas that I found on this website.
Where to wear the pump:

  • In bicycle shorts (attached by a pin or in a sewn pocket), worn under trousers, skirts and dresses.
  • In baby socks, or little bags, attached to the inside of clothing and underwear anywhere!
  • In the pocket of tennis shorts worn under other clothing. (depends how loose the dress is)
  • Strapped to the thigh or calf with elasto-bandage (or something similar). – I think this is like something you would wrap around your ankle if you sprained it

Hope these help :slight_smile:

God Job! Have fun at your homecoming:)