A1 Beta-casein in Milk - potential cause of T1

This is an interesting article I found regarding the different proteins in milk. It’s long but worth a read. My T1 daughter definitely fits the potential scenario - antibiotics, leaky gut evidenced through yeast related issues like thrush as a baby/child, high milk consumption post breast feeding. I have attached the file or you can download the PDF file at the end of the article to read the interview with Keith Woodford. We are fortunate to have A2 milk available locally through Hy-Vee supermarket and I think we’ll switch in the event it could possibly help our son avoid T1. Who knows right, but what if?

6492-A1Milkvs.A2Milk.pdf (184 KB)

I used to drink milk like it was water as a child. I remember my mother yelling at me all the time because milk was (and still is) expensive LOL… I have been lactose intolerant since about age 18, now I am 42.

Me too… though I didn’t develop Type 1, I have always, always had major congestion problems and sinus problems, as well as Hypothyroidism and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (both of which are autoimmune)… And with the article I recently posted, apparently Type 2 is autoimmune as well… so I’m screwed in more ways than one lol

Very interesting… So much for milk being healthier… LOL… If I had the same savvy as a child, I probably would have chosen to consumed soy milk instead (and even then they say that’s bad for you too)… Damn these expert opinions… LOL

Luckily, we have a family owned small dairy farm around here, that uses A2 cows… Jersey cows, and raw milk… cus yeah, the soy is bad for my thyroid as it can enlarge it – give it a goiter.

Cows Milk has all sorts of gross stuff it in that most people don’t want to here about when it is processed for delivery to your grocery store (not to mention in all other dairy products). The cows alone are given antibiotics and hormones which end up in you when you drink the milk and processing isn’t very clean and careful. Better to stay away from it if you are worried about your health or just consume small amounts

If you can’t have soy, you could try nut and seed milks. Once you start drinking them after a while they seem really rich and creamy like a regular milk. I like Hemp milk the best but almond is good too. Low in carbs also!

I’m not real clear on the whole A1/A2 thing, but there is some observation correlation between early cow milk use and T1. Dan Hurley talks about this in his book “Diabetes Rising” along with a discussion of the correlation with wheat use.

As a child I hated milk (still do) and my mother would sit until I consumed it all…sorry to say I couldn’t always keep it down and would upchuck it. Read recent research that lack of vitamin D might impact on incidence of T1. There are a lot of theories floating around until the air is cleared if ever we’ll have to wait for the final results.


I think we have the same mother. She’d watch me because she knew I’d toss it down the drain. Couldn’t stand milk as a kid. I ate cereal dry. Cheese isn’t a problem, but my stomach turns at the thought of drinking cow’s milk.

Interesting… I know some people that have that same reaction towards eggs…

I used to feel the same about eggs. I’d get queasy looking at eggs. As a kid, my sister would spit out a cookie if she found out it had egg in it.

My mom did the same with me but with green beans - I would literally throw them up when I ate them and not on purpose - my body just hated the taste of them. But my mom would still make me still there for hours until I ate them or it was time for me to go to bed. Still hate em to this day. Why do mothers do that?

Geesh, why make a kid eat green beans? Can see the importance of wanting your kid to eat vegetables, but when a particular one makes the kid sick?

Have a friend whose dad made her eat peas. She had to sit at the table until every pea was gone no matter how long it took. Control freak! Now she has children of her own & doesn’t make them anything they don’t like.

Hehe…I hate peas too! :slight_smile:

LOL nice to have company.

For me, eggs… only when pregnant. Better than the pharmacy test.

I like the three bites rule… Take at least 3 bites, and if ya still don’t like it, you don’t have to eat it.