Gluten AND dairy free?

Hi everybody, this is my first post.
I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes about 3 years ago. However, I recently went to a naturalist doctor who ran a food allergy test on me. It turns out, I am Gluten intolerant (but not to the level of celiac disease), as well as dairy intolerant. Also there is some interesting articles one can find on Google which link gluten and dairy to type 1 diabetes.

I was wondering if anyone else was allergic to these gluten and dairy as I am?? and how has it effected your blood sugar / insulin after removing these substances from the diet

Thanks, Paul

Just a side note in case this helps you. My mother (not diabetic) recently found out she was lactose intolerant from allergy testing. Interestingly, she can eat cheese, yogurt & any form that’s cultured or aged, but she can’t handle milk, cream, ice cream, cream cheese or cottage cheese.

I am completely dairy free too, but not gluten free. However, the best treat is the “Purely decadent” ice cream which is both dairy and gluten free. definitely bolus worthy!

Well are you lactose intolerant or casein intolerant? Those who are lactose intolerant can sometimes have yogurt, hard and aged cheese since bacteria or yeast have broken down or converted the lactose to something their body can handle. Casein is a protein like gluten is a protein. Sometime those who are celiac have casein issues. I am gluten intolerant probably have celiacs (cannot get a positive antibody test so my insurance will not pay for the biopsy). Funny thing is that there is a correlation between type 1 and celiacs. Now gluten or wheat allergy is not the same as an intolerance. May i suggest you find a regular doctor and ask them to run an celiac antibody test for you or an referral to one who would.

My son has celiac disease and type 1. when we removed gluten from his diet, his blood sugar was quite a bit lower. gluten free alternatives do seem to have quite a bit more carbs in most cases though. Also, some seem to absorb differently. i’m not sure about the dairy, but type 1 and celiac are both autoimmune disorders. if you have one, you’re more likely to have another. my son was diagnosed with diabetes this summer and they automatically ran bloodwork for celiac which came back positive. good luck!

I’ve had a milk allergy all my life. It really limits what you eat. I don’t know what I would do if I also had to have gluten free. That stuff is yucky.

I am a T1D. I have an aunt, and uncle, and a cousin on my mother’s side who are T1D. Interestingly, my father and his father are lactose intolerant (as was I as a young child). My father was recently diagnosed with Celiacs (extreme gluten intolerance), and now avoids dairy AND wheat. The autoimmune diseases come in pairs (or threes or mores).

I read an interesting article once, basically saying that we’re all supposed to be lactose intolerant. Since most (all?) animals only drink milk in the early stages of life, we lose the enzymes that aid in the breaking down of what ever is in lactose. Although some (many) of us have evolved to be able to continue to handle dairy products. If I recall the article correctly, they were able to trace the evolution back to the early Europeans. Kind of makes sense if you think about it.

Hi Paul, I’m a type 1 and am also gluten and dairy free. It doesn’t stop there though, I’m also completely grain and legume-free and by doing so I stopped getting high blood sugars and it also remarkably decreased my insulin needs. When I add them back into my diet I start getting high blood sugars again. How have your blood sugars and insulin needs been since removing gluten and dairy? I also tested negative for celiac before removing gluten. Michelle

Hi Paul,
I’m gluten sensitive,lactose intolerant and i have type 1. Ever since i stopped eating gluten and dairy,i have felt so much better!

My hubby is lactose intolerant, and T2… He just has some lactaid pills, and I use lactaid milk in most of my cooking. Some things he takes 2 pills for, though, as it affects him more strongly. We haven’t seen it do anything bad to his numbers, really. He can have aged cheeses, like parmesan, okay, though.

milk products even cheese make me very ill. I am not sure about gluten but it has been suggestd but my doc that i might try eliminating it due to some gastric probs.