Mayo Clinic

I was doing some reading on the Mayo Clinic web site. They said about Type 1’s:

There is more incidents of T-1 the father you get away from the equator. The highest being in the Scandinavian countries. They suspect Vitiaman D deficiency’s and lack of sunlight as a link.

If when you where born your mother was less than 25 years old.

If you were fed cereal too young after your birth.

And of course the genetics factor that was passed on to you.

Are their more links they have found about Type 1’s?

I did find this article on the web which is interesting.

There is a good deal of discussion of this in the recent book “Diabetes Rising.” There are a variety of correlations that have been found, but sometimes it can be hard to separate causation from correlation. There does seem to be a strong correlation with whether you were fed cows milk and wheat early as a child.

Thanks BSC. I will give that book a read. You make a good point. There are many very small children diagnosed who wouldn’t be out in the sun anyway but yet still contract Type 1.

The autoimmune thing: the body being overly sensitive, allergic to some things which it attacks. Then the body becomes indiscriminate and attacks its own organs, cells. Early in life this process showed up for me in the form of dreadful eczema. By 20, I had early diabetes. Cow’s milk early in life is another possibility. My whole childhood was about cow’s milk and wheat products.