a1c @ 6.6

It is still a good one, but I did worse than the past two A1C tests I’ve had… I need to get back on track!

Don’t be to hard on yourself I can’t get anywhere near a A1C of 7 without lows many times a day. In fact I can not even function when my A1C is near 7. So I am saying be happy don’t beat yourself up to much cause your going up a little bit. YaY for your 6.6!
Be well and be loved

That’s still a decent number Manny. Your A1c is around the same area as me but at least we are staying relatively stable. As long as our blood sugars don’t bounce too much, as you know.

My lowest A1c that I ever recall was 5.9. I often wonder how People can get down to 4.8, etc. without being low all the time. It must be Very hard work to keep one’s A1c down there. Anyways you, and perhaps your Dr., know if you have been slacking and need to get back on track. Hey, the Diabetes regime gets boring and sometimes it’s even a pain in the butt. But we have to get back on that wagon towards better management again. You know it, I know it. Good Luck to both of us. =)

Oh and, we are not Normal(per the graph). We have Diabetes.