My best A1C ever and A1c's Change to Average Mean Blood Glucose

I am so happy: I got word about my most recent A1C test - 6.2! My best A1C ever! :slight_smile:

I guess based on this article I was reading yesterday that translates into an average of 131.24 mg/dL.

To convert an A1c to the new average mean blood glucose, the article offers this formula:
eAG(mg/dl) = (28.7 X HbA1c) – 46.7

Congratulations Manny! Keep it up!

i’m so proud of you papa smurf!

LOL… I am not blue: really! :slight_smile:


I know how hard it is to get a great number like that.

Great job!!!

Way to go Manny!

Excellent work, Manny. I have to say, the proposed change to a standard expressed as an estimated average glucose (eAG) is too much math for me. My head doesn’t need more numbers to track. I like the simple A1C: number decimal point number. Below 7: good. Below 6.5: really good. Below 6: approaching normal, whatever that means! Come on, admit it. Doesn’t 6.2 sound ever so much better than 131.24?!

yup, i second the KellyRawlings motion… this is why i’ve been using mmols as my bg unit of measurement since day one! =D
ah a 6.2!.. i’m so so jealous!, that’s awesome Manny!!!
say, could you explain the whole deal about “average MEAN glucose/eAG”… what is THAT!?? i’m lost… did i miss something? is that some attempt to convert the united states to another language the rest of the world doesn’t speak again?

Nice job Manny and thanks for the formula and reference.

i read the article but the chart seems rather confusing… why is it so off from the previous method??

Congrat’s Manny!!! Keep up the good work:)

This is it. This is what we are about. Sharing our triumphs, our challenges, the good, the bad and all the information we can get our hands on: like one big family! YAY!!!

Okay, being a nerd I have to ask. Any things you can point to that might have been contributors to this awesome number? More exercise, better food control, less stress even?

Inquiring minds want to know (and use). :wink: