Formula for Determining A1C

Been searching for a formula and finally found one.
A1C = (ave bg + 46.7)/28.7
Seems to work. Looks like I’m having a good month of Feb so I used this formula and it tells me that if I keep it up my A1C will be x. That’s what I wanted it for.

did you “steal” that from my post the other day? I’m going to have to charge you if you did. LOL!

Nope, but can you send your post? Would luv to see it. Interesting timing.

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Dave, read your post. Quite a few replies! Excellent A1C. Congrats.

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Thanks, but please give credit to my G5! I couldn’t have that good of an A1c w/o it.

Must be more than the G5, as many have G4-G6. You must have your personal methods (tips and tricks) for dealing with a good A1C and T-I-R.

Where do you get your average BG from?

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Well, let’s see…I pump, so that helps. I hate having high bg’s, so that’s a plus because I will bolus out highs that others might let ride. I go thru long periods of time (it seems like an eternity) where I eat fewer carbs, less/no junk, and do a better job at portion control. The G5 has really been the final piece of the puzzle for me to get my A1c’s to their best-ever level since 1978.

Sensor data (Clarity reports). My G5 is so close to a meter and when it isn’t, it’s not long that it is back in line.

I get it from Clarity and you can get any period 1 day. 2 weeks, 1 month, etc,

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So do you have goals? I have six arithmetic goals - Avg bg - 110, std dev - 20, 100% time in range, lowest ave daily bg - 70, highest ave daily bg - 150, and the hardest of all achieving both 70 and 150 in the same month. Don’t achieve them all but getting closer.

alarms are set 70/150. 100 is my target and has been for decades.