A1C test kits to purchase for home use

I have not been able to find a home test kit anywhere! I used to get one at my pharmacy (Bayer) but they no longer sell them. Tried several other pharmacies no luck. I usually pay $19.95 for the kit. Found a few online, same product for over $200? Does anyone know what is going on and if these kits are still available for a reasonable price. The pharmacies I went to said they could not order them anymore!

Don't know how good this will be, it is a mail out test not a read at home. The reviews are all over the place but it is cheap, so if it does not work out your not out a lot. Be sure you check the expiration date before you open it.


Those offers online for 200 bucks have more than 2 tests which is why they are pricey. I saw one for 139.99 and it had 10 tests. That is only 13.99 per test. If you order just be aware of the expiration date. The A1c Now is going to come back on the shelf. Check this out: http://www.a1cnow.com/uploads/2/6/2/8/26289179/lit_001650_r0_press_...

Have you considered the Walmart Relion brand? In comparative tests it performs quite accurately and at $8.98/test is quite affordable. The only downside is that you have to mail it off to the test lab and it takes up to 5 days. In my view 5 days is worth the wait.

Thanks! Think I will wait to new ones come out. Sorry to hear Bayer discontinued theirs,was a very good product.

Amazon - 20 test kit http://www.amazon.com/A1CNow-03021-A1cNow-Monitor-TESTS/dp/B003L0TEFS/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1398026628&sr=8-2&keywords=a1c+now

I purchased the A1cNow test at Walmart about 4 months ago but I haven't used it yet. It contains 2 tests.

Wilbur Medical has the 10 test kit available for $105 (20 tests for $189).

See here.

Just picked up the 10ct kit. For $10/mo, I can afford to do this monthly. Why? I'd like to know, and also chart my a1c with some higher resolution over time.