At Home A1C Tests

Just in case anyone wants to have their a1c done at home and send off to a lab for $9, look at Walmart. I have found them where they keep diabetic supplies on some shelves in the pharmacy area.
Of,course they may not be $9 nationwide as Walmart sometimes varies the price with the locale. My brother is also diabetic and he checked his about 1 month or less before his doctors office sent his blood to their lab. The results were were only like .1 different- 6.3 versus 6.4.
You send your blood off to a lab in a mailer that is provided in the kit. You can get results emailed back. Mailing takes about 7-10 days.

David Shoemaker

Thanks for the info Dave. I’ve always been curious about the accuracy of those mail in tests, but it sounds like they might be worth trying.


I had wondered too and let my brother be the guinea pig. I had seen several on the internet but I think they were more like $20 or so. Walmart’s prices are usually the best on most anything they carry.