A1c test: UPDATE!

So, I had my second A1c tested on Friday (11 April 2008) since my diagnosis 17 December 2008 with the astronomical result of 16.9% for the first one. I was leery about and was worried about expecting too much of a change for my first 4 months. My doctor told me I should have jumped lower but assured me that thinking anything lower than 9% might bet setting myself up for failure. I almost dreaded giving my results to my parents who would tell me it was yet another thing I “needed to work on”.
So needless to say when the doc told me the day of I was nervous. “Something must be wrong if they’re calling me today already” I thought…
Just the opposite. She called to tell me my amazing results that not only surprised me but surpassed her clinical expectations. My number had jumped from 16.9 (really really high) to 5.8 (really really GOOD!). Finally, some great news about all the work and torment I had been putting myself through! Such a good improvement only fuels me more. All that stuff I’ve been doing though parents telling me (you need to eat more and don’t let it stop you from enjoying a dessert or two) has been right! Ultimate pay back!

5.8%! An 11.1% drop. God, I’m good! I’m planning on putting my progress on the fridge. I’m so pleased with myself. Finally.

Wow, that is AMAZING!! Congrats, you are right this is a great payback.

Wow! Great work, congratulations!

What is your secret and bigtime congrats!!??!! :slight_smile:

WOW! That is something to really be proud of. Congratulations.

You should be pleased with yourself!

You might just be part of a new generation of people with Type 1 who have a completely different kind of future because they get great advice from the start and are able to maintain normal or near normal blood sugars throughout life.

Support really helps. Especially as the initial enthusiasm wears off. So keep networking with other people who share the same challenges, no matter how well you are doing!

Wow, that’s a huge difference in results! Big congratulations!

i agree with what jenny said. AWESOME JOB! you should be proud of yourself!