New a1c result

Ok my recent a1c history goes as followed…

8.8…then 8.1…now Im at 7.7!!!

How exciting! I almost cried in the office because I honestly dont think Ive been this low in ages!

next goal: somewhere between 6.5 and 6

have any of you been through the same thing? where you know your results aren’t good, but they are still markedly better and you almost cry in excitement???

Forget this “results aren’t good” business. Any A1C result that is lower than your previous result is good–shows you’re moving in the right direction. And, as happens to most of us at some point during the diabetes life, even if you go up a bit at some point in the future, we still appreciate the efforts you make to take control. Congratulations!!

I agree with Kelly. Celebrate your achievements! It took three months of work to get this new change. You deserve praise whatever the level!

I celebrated my way down from years in the 8s and 9s to my last two in the 6s. Each new lab paperwork went on the fridge with a magnet! When I finally dipped below 7, I called three people crying! Yay for you!!!

Congrats! I wanted to cry a few times LOL it’s ok to celebrate with tears:)

Congrats on the improved A1c Sarah!! Yes, I know that feeling!!

Congratulations! That’s great news! Yes, I almost cried when the doc gave me my last result too so don’t be embarrassed!!

Congrats!!!Awesome new #'s!!! One step at a time !!! Keep up the great progress!!!