Cut A1C in HALF!

So I realize this would only apply to people who are recently diagnosed… but I’m curious as to what the difference was between your diagnosis A1C and your first A1C results after diagnosis?

When I was diagnosed, my A1C was 14. Of course, I knew very little about diabetes at the time… but figured that was pretty bad when I never saw a doctor’s chart that went up that high. Three months after diagnosis, my A1C went down to 7. I am curious to know the success that others have had!!

When I was diagnosed, by A1c was 19.9. Three months later I was down to 8.6 and three months after that I was at 6.8. Within a year I was at 6.4 and 6.3.

:slight_smile: Congratulations!! Must be doing something right…

Thank you. Well, some things I do right. It was all a matter of sticking to my insulin regiment pretty much. And learning what I could about the diabetes. Until I joined this site six months ago or so, there was still a lot I did not know. I was diagnosed almost five years ago. So…Yes, doing somethings right, but could be doing more things right and stop doing some wrongs. I have tourble not eating thinggs that I know I should not.

I should say congrats to you also. That is doing really well with the control. Keep up the fantastic work.

thank you Mike! I actually just got diagnosed in June… so my next A1C is in December. Cross your fingers for me :slight_smile:

Absolutely! I was scared, nervous and excited early on to get my A1c done. You will do great!

When I was diagnosed, my A1C was “only” 8.4%… we caught my case early, as that’s almost unheard of for a T1. I was already having BG up to the 500 range by that point though… and was consistently over 300, so it’s clear to me that I hadn’t been that high for long.

I’m not sure a 4.2% is ever in my future :stuck_out_tongue:

5/25/08 (graduation day) 14.9%… no hospitalization, no immediate action taken, graduation attended, no cake eaten :frowning:
July 08 9.5%… not quite three months later
lowest ever HbA1c 6.9% (more than cut in half)

I was diagnosed in October. I am really looking forward to my first A1C after diagnosis. I have been working very hard to control my carb intake and I have been able to keep my daily numbers in the 90-130 range which is a huge improvement over my average in the mid 200s before diagnosis (I was hospitalized for 5 days (for an infection) and they tested me everyday and it was usually in the 220 to 250 range… this is how the who diagnosis trail started).

I know its early and I am highly motivated. Hopefully I can continue that and see the results you guys have seen!

When I first got diagnosed I think my A1C was at 13 I think… Then after I got in under controlled it went down to a 7.6 in which they wanted to stay… Well now it has gone up and down a lot… I am now at an 8.6 from a 9.6, but that was over a period of a year…

My diagnosis A1c was 13 or 14, and sadly it stayed there for about 8 years. I didn’t see the halfway point (7.0) until my 18th year with diabetes (last year). =/ It has been a long and rocky road, but I never really stopped doing what I was instructed…I just had poor instructions!

4.2% hee hee!

I was dx’d in July with a “mere” 6.8. I just tested A1c at 5.5.

Remarkably, I was in the depths of depression, and for months previous, my diet was ice cream, cookies, and deli sandwiches, so the reality is, I am lucky it was “only” 6.8 I did fail the tolerance test quite miserably tho :slight_smile:

The look in my doctor’s eye was a pretty good motivator, as it was obvious he didn’t think I would bother to do anything about it. I visited him just last week, and let him know how wrong he was. Felt good.

The biggest motivator was a desire to find out how low I could get it. I am 54, out of work, divorced, last child just moved out, and so I had time to focus on it. Hardly the same dramatic drop as yours, but it made me feel pretty good to know that my body is not completely broken, just yet. I suspect it will rise a bit next time, due to life circumstances, and the simple fact that I am having trouble with so many facets of life, that I am not sure I can maintain the focus.

As a side effect, the 21 pounds I lost has me punching new holes in my belt, and I can hike in the mountains a lot longer than before :slight_smile: Plus my blood pressure took a major dive below any numbers I had ever hoped to see.

Congrats to you, keep at it. There is much to be grateful for, and much life left for you to enjoy. Get the most that you can from it.


Congrats, John! Great feeling proving a doctor wrong when they give you that look.

My A1c at diagnosis was 11.9. Next one was 6.7 or 6.8. I was thrilled to get out of the double digits. Almost dying is a great motivator:)

Let’s see last year (aug./08) in ICU they told me my bs was 672, a1c of 13.2. My next lab work was a1c of 7.4
Last lab work a1c of 6.8 LDL down from 180 to 80. I am type 1 dx’ed at age 52.

When I was diagnosed
A1c on 06/02/09 was 7.7
Fasting GL was at 130

08/13/09 A1c was 5.5
Fasting GL was 74

I am due up for my second A1c test in about 2 weeks, hopefully it’ll be lower. Like Gerri said getting scared shi@less about dieing is a GREAT motivator.

LOL =0

Diagnosis A1C was 9. Three months (of diet, exercise, meds & freakin’ *%#! bg journal) after was 7. Now its 5.9. Doing the dance of joy sometimes =)

Ha ha - they didn’t even have the A1C test when I was diagnosed…(yes, I am old).

John, I too was officially diagnosed in October with an A1C of 11.1. But, 3 weeks before the official diagnosis, I realized I was a diabetic and immediately changed my diet to a very low carb diet. My fasting blood glucose at diagnosis was 223 so it had already been coming down from the averages over 300. Now, almost 2 months since making my diet change, I am averaging around 113 and the last week, I have been averaging 109. I almost never go above 130 now. So, I too, am looking forward to my first A1C after diagnosis. If my readings are correct, I expect it to be around 5.5%. These readings are on my Aviva and if it is true that it tends to record higher readings than other meters (I know this is true with my other meter, the UltraMini), then maybe my averages are even better. I’m anxious to see which of my two meters closely matches my next A1C.

Let me add a congratulations to those who have been able to achieve near normal control, whether it be in a short period of time or a longer period. I get encouraged when I read posts from people who work hard to keep themselves healthy and are serious about getting control of this disease!