Doctors visit

Well, I just just got back from my visit to the endo and got back my latest A1c. I was previously at 8.3. Now…


Sweet. It is getting better. I am very happy with the results. Just had to give an update

Congrats man! That’s a huge improvement! Glad you’re on the right track.

Woohoo!!! :slight_smile:

Dude! You da man! What did your doc say about getting a pump?

that is sooooooo awesome chris! i’m so proud of you!

GREAT JOB-- you came down quite a bit!!! Congrats! :slight_smile:


Thanks everyone. SRI, as far as the pump is concerned, we haven’t talked about it yet. Her wants me to finish my Diabetes education classes and then at my 4th appointment (which is Jan. 4th) he said we would start discussing it.

Follow so many others on here:"if you don’t eat the stuff,it won’t come up in your blood"Low carbers rule OK !!