I don’t have to tell my friends here how hard dealing with diabetes is. May was my 15 year anniversary of being diagnosed with diabetes. I once thought that having diabetes for 15 years would be a great accomplishment. I was young though. Anyway, that is not the point of this blog.

I hit a milestone today. A great milestone for me. My A1C hit the lowest it has EVER been and it made me downright happy! My A1C was 6.1! Down from 7.4 6 months ago. It only took a whole lot more insulin and gaining 10 pounds. I wish my A1C of 6.1 looked sexier than the 10 extra pounds on my rear end :slight_smile: However, to you, my friends, I know it will!


CONGRATULATIONS!! I know how much dedication a 6.1 takes :slight_smile: So you should be downright happy!

I hope to post a similar blog post soon!

fan-flipping-tastic well done and a little extra upholstry is not the end of the world, wow 6.1 is fab you must feel proud of yourself, with that comes confidence and like debb says sexy on the inside = sexy on the outside, hey j-lo’s built a career on her butt =) x x x

Congrats on the A1c. LOL about the 10 lbs.

I’m so happy for you. We all know how good a “good” number feels. I say celebrate it and don’t fret about the 10 lbs. :slight_smile: