Lifetime Achievement

For those of you who already know about this, I apologize if it is repetitive. I went to see my endocrinologist 2 weeks ago for my usual 3 month exam. But it was different than any other appointment I’ve had in the past 26+ years … my a1c was 6.4 … the lowest it has been probably since I’m diagnosed (although I can’t say that with 100% certainty). 6.4. 6.4. That is all I can keep saying in my head. I can honestly say that I have never worked this hard on anything my entire life, as I have been working to get my a1c down since last January. There came a point where I just thought it wasn’t possible for some reason for me to get it down since I’ve been doing everything I’m supposed to. Well yesterday was the day! Part of me is still in some state of shock but mostly I cannot even express the happiness I am feeling. To give you an idea … if I were fired today I feel like I would say “that’s ok, my a1c is 6.4!”. Or if one of my ferrets died tomorrow “that’s ok, my a1c is 6.4!”. Or if I got a call that my new car was totalled “that’s ok, my a1c is 6.4!” I’m sure if those things were to happen in reality I wouldn’t have that reaction but I just feel at the moment that nothing else matters. I have my fellow diabetics to thank for all their support and their encouragement and for their motivation seeing that a good a1c is achievable. Now I just need to continue working on keeping that a1c right where it is!! :slight_smile:

Fantastic! What do you think you did that contributed the most to your success?

Way to go! Glad to hear the good news :slight_smile:

I am so happy for you and your accomplishment. I am on the same boat right now, trying desperately to get my A1C back down to where it was when I was first diagnosed. Thanks again for the inspiration Stacey.

Great job. Feels great to get an A1C in non diabetic ranges.

Good job. Excellent results there. Keep up the good work.

Thanks so much everyone!! I’m actually not 100% sure what made it go down … 3 months prior to that it was 7.5 so it was a pretty big drop. My a1c was around 8 before I started pumping a year & a half ago. Even though I was seeing a huge improvement in my blood sugars being on the pump, my a1c still was staying around 7.6 - 7.8 so I was getting extremely frustrated :0 I can’t say that I did anything differently the past 3 months than I’ve been doing since last January so part of me is a little scared that it’s not going to stay at that level. The only thing I can think of is that my overnight blood sugars were better. I had periods of having very irratic morning readings so we weren’t sure what was going on overnight. And of course I’m too lazy to get up & test! Lately they have been much better so I’m hoping that’s what did it. I guess I’ll see when I go back in September!!