Good news came in the mail today. Best A1C ever

Last week I had my 6 month check up at the Joslin and I had a bunch of tests including my A1C. I went down a whole percentage point! From 7% to 6%.

Finally, I think after 16 years I am starting to figure out how my body works.

I just might pig out and have a few graham crackers now. lol.

Check my diabetes blog out if you have time.

LOL. I feel the same way. About the same number of years in and I feel like I’m finally getting it! And I had two of my first 6-point-something A1c’s this year to prove it.

And aren’t graham crackers their own reward?

That is outstanding , It will be a happy holiday season for you:)

i think I might juice myself and eat a piece of red velvet ice cream cake that has been in my freezer since Sunday.

Congratulations Andrew

thanks, much appreciated.

thank you. feels good.

Congratulations, Andrew. You should celebrate by doing something nice for yourself that won’t raise your blood sugar. :slight_smile: Get a massage or get your car detailed or buy a new ipod or something. Assuming the last 3 months weren’t terribly hard for you, see if you can get it down to 5.8 next time?

Or eat the red velvet cake. I do understand.

Anyway, congats on going down a whole percentage point! That is no small accomplishment. I’ve also had type 1 for 16 years and am still figuring it out.

Thanks, the last three months were not hard. I didn’t change my diet much but I did educate myself more. I strongly believe educating myself played a role in my new score. I best thing I did was start a diabetes blog. This keeps me on top of everything going on in the world of diabetes and it helps me understand myself better. I think I will do better next time. My goal is anything under 6.

BTW: I still drink and go out and have fun like any other person does. So diabetes doesn’t have to cripple your life.

Nice work, grats!

Good job!

HOORAH! We all celebrate! What a great feeling…

Oddly enough, I don’t work that hard. I really don’t. Not to many people even know I am diabetic and my gf often forgets I am. I think the key is educating yourself. There is no dr that knows me like me. Took me a long time to figure out my body. We can all help each other.




Congratulations! Great Job! I recently went from a 12 to a 7.
You do need to celebrate


Congratulations Andrew. I know im working on bringing my down from 7.1 to around 6 also. I know i will get there soon.

Stay positive and you will.