About me

Hi (: My name is Alexis :smiley: Im 13 years of age. I have type 1 diabetes. I was diagnosed on August 8, 2007. I listen too all music. I go to church, im christian ( I LOVE GOD ) :] get to know me, im sure you won’t regret it :smiley: i love shopping & watching movies. I have alot of friends. Im in middle school. I live in Miami, Fl. I enjoy texting. So ask for my number xD Music is a big part of my life. I think there’s a reason for everything. I dislike people who label, or don’t like someone for their look. Church, school, friends, family, music, god, pretty much my life. I take 3 different types of insulin. (humalog, humalin, & lantus) Diabetes doesn’t bring me down. I live my life greatly. Im a very happy person (: I wish peace would be something we have in this world. Im cuban and chinese :smiley: i know a little bit of italian. Eyeliner, i must say is part of my life. I like hanging out with friends and family (: i really don’t like drama. If you wanna know, i’d like to meet a guy who would do just about anything for his girl. a guy who would love you for you no matter what. he would be there for you for just about anything. a good guy who believes in god (: so just message me and add me (: byeeeee. <3

Welcome Alexis! I don’t have anyone in my family with T1 either. I do have a nephew with T1 (his mom is on this site too), but he’s on my husband’s side. I am a 6th grade teacher, and have a student with T1. It’s nice to have him in my classroom where we can talk about diabetes stuff.

Hello Alexis,Both me and my brother have type 1 diabeties.He had diabeties since 24 months old now in 30s. I GOT DIABETIES WHEN I WAS 25 YEARS OLD MARCH 94.I wanted to say good luck and best wishes on your pump training. I STARTED my carb counting this week. And go for training next week. Let me know how you make i=out on your first day. What pump are you going on? Take care diabeticidol94