Well, this is my first post...and as such, I would like to introduce myself to all you lovely people reading it!

My name is Alissa and I am a Type 1 Diabetic. I am also a drama student at university in England in my final year at the moment. I have a beautiful and supportive family, and try my hardest to keep my levels in check! It is pretty difficult to keep it in check as a student, as I have no structure or routine to my day, though I have tried to implement one.

I have recently bought a car, which I call Mikey...its a Nissan Micra, so I figured the name was fitting. I am also studying really hard for my dissertation this year, which seems to take up a lot of my time. But, when I am not studying, I love to cook, watch DVD's, meet up with friends and visit new places. I love to travel!!

I look forward to meeting new people and discussing diabetes with people that actually know about it!

Welcome, I just joined here about two weeks ago, and have found the support and openness to be outstanding. It’s really refreshing to talk to other diabetics just about “our” thing. Hope you find the same things. Enjoy!