About my neighbor Mrs. Bosma ( a fully DIABETIC lady)

My diabetic neighbor Mrs. Postma.

Oh yes, I told you about her about one year ago. She is even older than I’m! Not only that, we have the same personal Angel by the name Petronella, remember now?
A year ago she asked me to go to the doctor with her because she took more pills than Carter takes liver pills! I must have made an impression on the doc when I asked if she really needed all these red white and blue pills by the dozen. Now she sleeps night AND day! So, I found out that she has been prescribed again a load of lorazepam, clonazepam and some sleeping pills as well. Plus her diabetic pills, yeah, I wonder if the doc is in her will,… Should I ask him? Once again he reduced the pills load by about halve.
Anyway when we left the doc. I received one of her kisses, the type that lasts, you never forget, real juicy wet and slymy! Wow… Like Johanna’s kisses far better!
She is a great kisser from way back. I believe that’s the way she hooked me, yes really!
Almost 60 years ago, talking about lasting kisses…
Well, I just had to keep you up to date on my activities!

Greeting from JOHNBEN or JB.

AcK my tender ears!!! This post should be X-rated JohnBen. :smiley: j/k Great that you and Johanna still enjoy such Good kisses.

That’s Wonderful that Nel is your and your Neighbours Angel. She’s an Angel to many of us. :slight_smile:

Sounds like you have a Nice Neighbour also. Thanks for keeping us up on your interesting activities JB.

Terry , I should wait till JB , the kisser , responds to your comment :slight_smile: …he is not talking about this nel , I am sure …a very common name amongst the Dutchies and Angels , ha, ha .
I need to ask JB …the dear lady’s name is Postma ot Bosma ??..and good on you JB , that you keep her Doc on his/her toes and be your neighbours advocate !!!

Mrs Postma and I have the same Angel dropping in, Probably a “District Angel”. There is no Nel in this situation, maybe it would be fun. Johanna is the kisser, not me, I’m too shy…