Letter from grouchy mother in law to her diabetic soon to be daughter in law

In case you haven’t read or seen…

There is a letter being circulated by a grouchy mother in law to her soon to be daughter in law. this letter has taken the internet by storm because of super uber snobbery attitude of the mother in law. What most media out lets are not really publicizing is the soon to be daughter in law is DIABETIC. I will make the broad assumption guessing Type 1. This grouchy women accuses her daughter of flaunting her disease for sympathy and makes light of an actual hypoglycemic event in which occurred. In so many words, the grouchy woman states that the daughter in law should know how to prevents these situations to not cause embarrassment to the family. (oh dear!!)

I would encourage all members of the diabetic community to write this women and let our voices be heard from the diabetic view. I heard about this while driving to work and was super appalled by this…

this is the link.

I’d seen the story but didn’t realize that diabetes was part of the picture too! What a witch. I can totally feel the family dinner/ hypo/ munch muunch munch thing but my family are used to it and my in laws have a thing, I’m not sure if it’s that they are Korean or if its just them, where they are always trying to stuff my face so I haven’t had to deal with “let the slow old people eat first” deal. Come to think of it, my brother-in-law’s grandfather, who turned 97 recently, is always raring to go @ dinner time too?

Wow! That was horrible! I wouldnt marry Freddie because of his mom, even if he were the one.

that is what everybody was saying on the radio. they said she should run as fast as she can. I am wondering if Freddie has enough chustpah to stand up to his mother and tell her to get on her broomstick and fly away.

I agree!!! I have a few other choice words for this person. I just thought it was funny till the radio annoucener stated she was diabetic and this would come into play later on in the story. while driving this piqued my attention. then boom!!! I want to yell at this snob!!!

Wow, I had seen this but didn’t realize she had diabetes (yes, probably T1). That makes the whole issue of the old bag commenting about the food stuff even worse. And I mean, I do pretty good avoiding hypos, but sometimes they just happen. They are a necessary evil if you’re attempting to keep your BGs even close to normal.

How can we write this old bag and maybe knock some sense into her?

If I were in that situation, I too would have probably slept in the next day because I would have either been battling hypos all night after trying to correct for unfamiliar foods or woken up with sweaters on my teeth.

I am trying to find some links or a response box this this grouchy woman. She needs to hear about this from diabetics. I am Type 2 and I was totally appalled by her response. I had an ex boyfriend that rather look at a map for 20 minutes than to ask the hotel front desk where a restaurant was. Mean while I was had dropping BS levels around 80. For me this is extremely uncomfortable not to mention the shaking and sweating. I dumped him afterwards because he told me I was suppose to have my sugar pills with me. We were at Disneyland and I told him upfront that wasn’t taking my meds because of all the walking we were doing and I would notify him in advance that I think my BS was dropping. So there were no surprises here.

If I was this girl I would run!!!

This is the exerb from the grouchy mother in law’s letter about diabetes…

"[Your future sister-in-law] has quite the most exquisite manners of anyone I have ever come across. You would do well to follow her example.

You regularly draw attention to yourself. Perhaps you should ask yourself why.

It is tragic that you have diabetes. However, you aren’t the only young person in the world who is a diabetic.

I know quite a few young people who have this condition, one of whom is getting married in June. I have never heard her discuss her condition.

She quietly gets on with it. She doesn’t like being diabetic. Who would? You do not need to regale everyone with the details of your condition or use it as an excuse to draw attention to yourself. It is vulgar.

As a diabetic of long standing you must be acutely aware of the need to prepare yourself for extraordinary eventualities, the walk to Mothecombe beach being an example.

You are experienced enough to have prepared yourself appropriately.

Storm in a teacup.

It was rude to not thank her hostesses.
It was rude to send the nasty e-mail.
It was rude to forward the nasty e-mail.
It was rude to re-forward the nasty e-mail.
It’s rude of us to read and comment on what was supposed to be a private correspondence.

Everyone: go to your rooms and think about how to do better next time. :0/

My position is that it is a private family matter and none of our business.

We can focus on educating the people in our own families and leave Freddie to deal with his own mum, eh?

I agree with this.

I’m kind of shocked that an e-mail like this would go viral. It’s not good netiquette to forward an e-mail without asking permission of the sender, so in my mind if the daughter-in-law posted this somewhere public, the mother-in-law may not be far off-base in her assessment! Not knowing either of these people, it’s impossible to make any kind of judgement on who is “right” or “wrong” in this situation.

blah blah blah blah!

Well it has gone viral and it is not private anymore. I really funny till I found out the young lady was diabetic and this witch had the nerve to tell her to “just get on with it” as if to suggest diabetes is a joke when some one is having a hypo or hyper glycemic situation. I was quite offended since having a similar situation myself. If she would feel so embarrassed to have a diabetic person around them that has to monitor themselves every second of the day then what gives. Her whole attitude toward diabetes is totally skewed if not stupid. I may take years for a person to “just get on with it.”

This woman needs to be embarrassed to write such a letter thinking she is doing this girl a service. There would be no other way to prove this witch wrong than to have a public outcry telling her. Otherwise she would have considered herself the authority on manners and morality.

If she is a real woman of her written word then she should be able to stand up to public scrutiny and defend her position with hubris and pride.

What the hell! How bloody dear she look at who is talking about manners.
I have heard this on the news n was shocked but now its ten million times more shocking to be
honest.I didn’t knw that the lady was diabetic n the mother in law should hang her head in shame
and make a public apology.

What gives you the right to “publicly embarrass” a total stranger for a private letter?

It’s not about you or your family. It’s none of your business. Let it go.

Well said JeanV! This thing is viral because of the folks posting it on D forums. I would love to hear from the bride to be :slight_smile:

Another thread about the idiotic comments from friends and family and even strangers is not really what this is about. The MIL won’t likely be coming around on diabetes forums to defend her postion, AND she has a right to her ignorance like everyone else.

i dont know how but this reminds me of when my teacher yelled at me for being a diabetic and said that i was the only one who blead… It’s not like we chose this life. The life of sticking ourselfs with needles, worrying about everyday things, We didnt choose this

Is this something drummed up by the equivalent of Fox News in the UK? “manners” and all that rot? I mean really…

I go with you JeanV.

I gotta say this ok? I’m not taking up for yje soon to be MIL but I have found that ppl don’t educate themselves enough on D. My dad who was a Type 2 and had a Type 1 daughter & g-daughter done the samething to me.