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Use this space to discuss do-it-yourself closed loop systems that use an insulin pump, continuous glucose monitor, and a controlling algorithm to help manage blood glucose levels.

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Anybody know what version of the code you are running? What does it say under the settings in the upper left. The version number doesn’t seem to be changing when I update the code, but I am certain that the code is, in fact, updating because there is new functionality there.

Jaeb is asking …

I don’t know the number of the version of the code I am running but know I had to rebuild after my phone updated to IOS 14 because it wouldn’t work with Xcode 11.7 so I had to download Xcode 12.0 to get it to work. Now my phone is going to update again tonight and my Apple watch updated last night so I am hoping my looping program will remain functional. I believe the update tonight is just a small bug fix.

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For a long time it was hard to locate the Loop version, but they might have fixed this.

If you click on settings (looks like this in the bottom right hand side of the navigation bar)


You should see it listed at the top of the settings page (left hand side - like, Loop V1.10.13)

Found it 2.2.1