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I’m interested in creating a hybrid closed loop system with my paradigm. Can any one point me to some one who could help with this hack? I don’t have the technical depth to do this on my own.

Thanks in advance.


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I suggest that you join the closed Facebook Looped group. From the pinned post at the top of their page:

Looped is an an open and transparent effort to make safe and effective basic closed loop technology widely available to reduce the burden of Type 1 diabetes. The members are not willing to wait for an approved solution and instead are using Loop. The system is not something that you can purchase from a manufacturer but a system that requires work to install, support to use and equipment to purchase. If you want a perfect system, this is not for you. Support and troubleshooting is available here for OpenAPS, AndroidAPS and Loop system users. [my emphasis]

In addition, the page contains links to step-by-step documents to help you build a system. The ability to follow written instructions combined with a willingness to ask questions provides a path for many to successfully build their own automated insulin dosing systems.

Building and using Loop starting over a year ago has improved my glucose metabolic measures with less effort than before. Good luck!


Thanks Terry.

I have the technical depth, so you do as well, @Steve_Mann. I found the idea really intimidating at first, but instructions are broken down and the Facebook group as well as gitter have great people ready and willing to help. You can do it!


Thanks Lorraine… how stable are the devices… the threads on the FB group seem filled with failed rigs or rileylinks.


That’s a good question. My experience is pretty good. I grew to be confident in the system, but it took a little while. I think we had everything go wrong that possibly could, including a failed Riley link. My impression is that is very very rare and ours was replaced and we never had another issue with it.

Any bumps we experienced were easily resolved either by reading the Loop Doc or by asking the Facebook or Gitter community. Some of our bumps related to being new to Medtronic and out learning curve. My son took the system with him to Europe and he was on his own and he got through his trip without a single rig issue.

The Looped FB group serves as a place where do-it-yourselfers can come when they run into hardware and software problems. You won’t find the larger group of people there who are not encountering any difficulty.

In the almost 14 months since I started with Loop, I’ve only posted there a few problems. One was related to managing the system clock when traveling. My mistake was to change the time on the pump instead of using the Loop app on my iPhone as the instructions clearly direct.

The Looped FB site is a skewed representation of the experience of this population.

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Very true.