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I really thank those people who answered my question in the Forum, I got 9 replies... thats about when to check BG, I don't know what's happening but I can't open the link, I don't know why... Hope to read your answers here instead....

My BG is doing ok though without meds, my highest was 144 that is yesterday morning, but after a light exercise it went down to 102. This morning my BG is 130. (that's explainable coz I attended a party 2 nights in arow)... And my other question is... Can I still experience hypoglycemia even if I don't take meds now?

Hope to hear from you and thank you... God bless us all....

You can always be at risk of experiencing hypoglycemia even if you don’t take your meds. I am a type 2 diabetic and I check before each meal and then depending on how I am feeling after meals or if I feel high or low I will check.

Hopefully somebody will correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think a T2 that’s not taking insulin or any other meds (like yourself) needs to worry about hypoglycemia. Hypoglycemia occurs when a person is too sensitive to insulin or has too much insulin in their system (either from overproduction or from injecting too much).

Type 2’s do have a chance of hypo if they aren’t on insulin… The risk is lower but anyone has a chance of hypo whether diabetic or not.

Technically, Cody is correct, anyone has a chance of going hypo and there are various causes. But I still believe I’m correct in stating that a T2 that’s not taking insulin or oral medications, doesn’t have any increased likelihood of hypoglycemia than a non-Diabetic.

Here’s a link that explains some non-diabetic related causes of hypoglycemia:

If Cody or anyone else has a link explaining how T2 (again, without insulin or oral meds) causes hypoglycemia, then I’ll gladly admit my error :slight_smile: