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My son was diagnosed a year ago at Rady’s children’s hospital. He was so scared and in disbelief and angry that he had to be tested and given Injections. I was heartbroken to have to ask him to do that. I am his mom and the last thing you want to do is inflict pain on your child or see them suffering internally. He is 9 now, and I am still struggling with it, and reading other people’s stories has been helpful and a reminder that he is not alone and that I am not alone. I am struggling with how to support him in making good food choices, and how to remind him to test before exercise and in between meals. I feel like a failure most of the time. I feel like I am failing as a mom and failing as a support person. Any gentle compassionate guidance would be appreciated…please withhold any judgement. Thank you

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I will share my story. It had to do with diabetes in that I needed to eat. I had bolused 3 units of Humalog and went to sit down to eat. There was a waitress hovering around the tables, but then a crowd of Black Lives Matter activists paraded through the mall. Some had Masks on, some didn’t. They were loud. They disrupted the operation of the restaurant. I could not understand what they were yelling, but they had their arms raised. I am 62 and disabled, but I can handle myself. They surrounded my table. They pointed at me and yelled obscenities. I wanted to protect my wife from the vulgarities, but we needed the waitress. I wanted the manager to do something. After twenty minutes of being harrangued and harrassed, we just left to get something to eat. Easily the most unpleasant experience I’ve had in some time. Those people were like Nazi brown shirts with their arms raised. My wife was scared. The manager of the restaurant ought to be fired. Those thugs ought to be horse whipped. I don’t know where the waitress even went.