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My son was diagnosed a year ago at Rady’s children’s hospital. He was so scared and in disbelief and angry that he had to be tested and given Injections. I was heartbroken to have to ask him to do that. I am his mom and the last thing you want to do is inflict pain on your child or see them suffering internally. He is 9 now, and I am still struggling with it, and reading other people’s stories has been helpful and a reminder that he is not alone and that I am not alone. I am struggling with how to support him in making good food choices, and how to remind him to test before exercise and in between meals. I feel like a failure most of the time. I feel like I am failing as a mom and failing as a support person. Any gentle compassionate guidance would be appreciated…please withhold any judgement. Thank you


Hi Kitty,
Thank you for sharing you story. Do you mind sending me a quote that paraphrases your story?
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