Not too happy right now

Ok I have been type 1 for 15 yrs so far and for the most part I have embraced my diabetes but today after going out to eat and testing my sugar in plain view ( I usually don’t care about the stares ) but today it was different I was out to eat with the other fire fighters and this lady walked by our table and as she did she grabbed her daughter close and said don’t stare and you don’t want to catch what she has now I was fuming at this point but I didn’t say anything as it was not going to do any good but one of the guys got mad ( they like to be over protective ) and stood up and said you can’t catch diabetes lady! I was like sit down no need to make a scene it is pointless. he was like stand up for yourself! I said over the yrs I have learned to pick and choose my battles. like all that was not enough the waiter said someone complained and asked if I could do that in the bathroom! what crap!! he knows us as we eat there all the time but he still kept on it! so we got up and left I guess we won’t go there any more but I hate the sterotype of diabetes!! I deal with the disease every day with pride but this just sucked!

Oh I am so sorry. What a completely sucky-y meal. Frankly, I’m glad you’re friend gave her the what-for. Sher deserved it. I’ve never had this kind of trouble with D, but I did when I was nursing. A doll shop owner once left her own store in anger because I wouldn’t stop nursing while my cousins were shopping there. I remember saying, “Thank you, but I’m perfectly comfortable here.” She shouted, “Well I’m not!” and left. Makes me both smile and shake my head in wonderment when I think about it.

Do you have any police or lawyer frineds? This makes we wonder what laws, if any, there are about treatment. In Texas, a mother can nurse her baby anywhere she legally has a right to be, so you can’t be banished from stores, restuarants, etc. Do such laws apply to giving shots or testing? Something to consider.

I’d call the manager tomorrow, but I’m more persistent than you might want to be. A smart restuarant manager wants a regular customer and a “safety” customer eating in their establishment. (Maybe even for free, as an apology for your inconveneince. I like the sound of that!)

I don’t understand why some grown adults can not look the other way without making a rude comment .
What’s worse is they overreact about it.

Hey…Keep your head up and don’t let get you down! Does is suck, definitely! But after reading your story the person I feel sorry for is that ignorant lady! You got some good friends that stuck by your side and that should mean more than some stupid comments. You handled this better than I would have and you have nothing to apologize for…it’s not like we choose to have D! Stay Strong! ~Schmutz

Yeah plenty of cops I know lol! and we did call the manager and he said he was so sorry that this happened and that it shouldn’t have been a problem especially since his son was diabetic and that he would take care of everything. and yes free food is coming our way. I usually am on top of these things of standing up for myself but with her daughter being there I didn’t want to make a scene as there is no reason for her to hear us argue with her mom just because she is a idiot. My partners are great guys and really just try to keep me from dealing with issues like this. and funny you asked about the cops they were eating with us lol these guys are the ones I just taught about diabetes and low blood sugars while driving. they were just as mad as I was. I just hope in the future this does not happen not the mom so much but the waiter really.

Yes I did to as the uneducated know nothing about diabetes and how testing my BG helps keep me alive. I love my partners as they are great guys and they just care more then anything. I guess because we are in the medical field we understand but yet if you don’t deal with it or work in the med field you are uneducated. and just because we don’t look sick does not mean that we don’t need the meter. I only hope that child ( bless her heart ) does not end up like her mom. I mean seriously it is not like I had the chicken poxs or the flu! how hard is it to understand that you can’t catch diabetes? but I will still continue to stay strong and fight the good fight I will not let this hamper my good control.

I was testing in a restaurant bathroom. A woman stared at me, drew back & announced “that’s disgusting.” She didn’t ask what I was doing. I’ll test & inject anywhere with discretion & this threw me. I was shaking & in near tears. Was too stunned to reply, but thought of some great things to say–after the fact when it was too late.

Yeah I hear you. I just don’t see why it is a problem. I mean stare if you want but please keep the comments to yourself geeze some people

This reminds me of a Ann Landers response …remember her ??? In our local Vancouver Sun ( Canada ) edition ??? …years ago …she said the same thing …go to the bathroom and check…not at a table at a restaurant …I wrote her ( via the paper’s syndicate ) and never got a response . The lady, ( Ann L., not well diversed ) was in my mind living in the 10 th century …not in 1985 !! Too sad, that stories like your are happening today …I have not encountered …yet I check , where ever I need to poke .

We know they’re idiots & rude, but still hard not to have your feelings hurt. Bothered me for days. When people stare, I say I’m diabetic & testing my blood sugar. Might as well try to educate them some:) Most nod & move on.

Shame on Ann. Nothing to hide or be ashamed of. I use restaurant bathrooms so I can wash & dry my hands well & some restaurants are too dark for me to see what I’m doing:)

Well this world is full of ignorant dumbos. I always test and inject in public. I really feel bad somebody is heartless enough to say thoughts that should remain in their heads out loud…to their children no less. You took the high road and i agree…choose your battles…the ones that you feel are the most important to you!

Ugh, what a pain.

Testing is so normal for me – I just can’t get how it could be gross. But I guess for people who are not used to it it’s different. I never test in the bathroom.

Man, I am sorry you had a bad day. You know some people really need to think twice before they speak. If they want to stare then stare but keep the stupid, uneducated comments to themselves. Like you I have learned to pick and choose my battles. Like yesterday was the first time in a long time I had this happen to me. When I was checking in at the hotel I started testing my sugar because I was feeling low and the man that was checking me in was like you can’t do that here someone can get what you have (what a way to start my vacation). And I did not say anything but my brothers was all over him and they told me I should have said something. But people like that when there are kids around I don’t say anything and hope that the kids learn the truth later. But stay strong.