Accidental bolusing

I'm just curious to see if anyone else has ever accidentally bolused. For example, I was lying down on the couch and suddenly felt my pump vibrate, which it's set to do before every bolus. Apparently, my pump bolused 0.00 units, which only requires hitting the "OK" button six times. I've started locking my pump to ensure that doesn't happen again, but now my meter's doing the same thing. And locking and unlocking the meter is a bit of a hassle. Any thoughts?

Strange! Might be a good idea to call Animas and report it- no harm can come from that!

I've never bolused by mistake but I have suspended my pump inadvertently. I was standing at the kitchen sink washing up with my pump in it's pouch against my stomach, & I leaned against the counter, next think my pump is playing it's little tune, saying pump suspended please confirm. That only takes 4 button presses, 1 - any button to wake the pump, 2 down arrow, 3 OK to select suspend/resume & 4 OK to suspend. I thought maybe my pump had decided it needed a rest!

I have heard of others getting unexpected suspends.

Wow, strange! I had to think for a minute about the "Ok six times but you're right (I tried it! I'm certainly glad it bolused 0 units! I still find it hard to think what pressure could be precise enough to hit the button which I don't think would happen just from pressure of a couch or other flat surface. But if it is happening more than once including on your meter, that is not just an odd coincidence! I agree, I'd talk to Animas!

I've never had this happen, and personally wouldn't go through the hassle of locking it. Also, hitting the arrow keys in the right combination with the ok button has a much lower probability than just hitting the ok button.

I do have vibrate set and do check my history quite a bit, so i feel like I would probably notice it before the bolus hit.

This is definitely reportable. Report to Animas and FDA Medwatch -the part for equipment.