Accidentally taken tresiba twice at once

Hello, I’m paranoid a bit right now because I may have taken my tresiba twice ( i only inject it once a day before the bed time) So I searched what i should do about it and found this forum. Has anyone faced such a situation? If yes please share how you overcame it. I have injected 2x17 units of tresiba. ( I have t1d for 10 years now if it helps somehow)

Thank you for you help!

First thing to do is don’t panic.

Unfortunately you cannot undo your injections and will have to answer any low blood sugar it causes with carbs. Your meter or your CGM will become your best friend until you know what your bs is going to do. Remember that this extra basal will be with you for a day.

Test frequently if you do not have a CGM. Having a CGM would be best. I would not count on getting a lot of sleep tonight. Having someone with you is a good idea when there is the possibility of doing low.

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The great thing is that it’s a long-acting insulin. It’s effects will be very gradual throughout the day. So there really is no need to panic.

First thing, first: wait to see if you actually do trend low, since you don’t know if you took it or not. It’s possible you didn’t, and you’ll just proceed as normal.

If you did take a double dose and you’re having trouble keeping your sugar up: ENJOY IT! You’re just going to have to consume more carb through it’s normal duration for you. This is a great time to take advantage of those normally difficult-to-bolus for foods ( high in carb, fat, AND protein… Like Chinese and pizza), which are often best covered by pumpers with an “extended bolus” option. Since they digest so slowly and spike sugar much later than high glycemic index foods, it’s a perfect balance. IF YOU USE MODERATION, that is, because you’re only getting a little extra at any given time.

Make sure to have a protein-rich snack before bed to last you through the night.

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Welcome to the Community @Mefire66 you will find a lot of good help here!
I was afraid of missing or double taking my Tresiba even more than my short acting as the effect last so long it’s hard to compensate, so I found a timer cap for the pen that let’s me know how long it was since the last time I took it. Do a search for Timesulin pen cap. They are about $20 to $30 and are meant to be throw away after the battery dies in about a year but I was able to carefully pry off the white pen clip (not very well glued on), install a new battery, and tape the clip back on. Now their are no problems checking whether I’ve taken it or not!

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