Question about Tresiba

Taking Tresiba for a while…recent weeks some issues arising.
It loses “vitality” and my numbers go up about 3 hours before my next 24 hour injection.
Can I take my injection 3 hours early?
I only take 1.5 units so splitting seems not a solution…not sure tho as I am only a year and a half into my Type One diagnosis.

So sorry to say my suggestion is probably not what you’re looking for but I’d call my doctor or CDE. I don’t have enough knowledge on this one as I am a pumper. But dosing is usually a question for a medical professional and they probably know your medical history better than I do.
Keep in mind you are in that very hard to manage time. You probably will never know how much insulin your body is producing, so just roll with it. I have heard it will eventually become easier. Good luck!

How are you taking 1.5u doses?

I think that at doses this small getting a consistent coverage will never truly be possible with any type of insulin (or any other liquid in general)… the bright side is that id have to assume that if your dose use that small the effects of it not lasting a full 24 hours must be relatively small as well

Hi Sam,

Thanks for your help. Here is more detail…

The syringe injection amount of 1.5 worked perfectly for an entire year.

Then DP started about six months ago and since then …
I have had issues.

Mostly after much testing…such as increasing basal but went way too low at night.

Food has not changed.
Lifestyle a bit less activity as it’s winter where I am.

So after much testing I can see that Tresiba is not lasting the full amount of time.

I was taking Tresiba at night and my numbers would soar ( new pattern the increase of numbers )

So I switched to taking in the morning…evening hour numbers much better but quess what!

Morning numbers soared.

My question is can I take it three hours earlier? So I can cover the low effectiveness time?

So this morning with the problems with basal and DP I was at 170.

For an entire year I was super stable never above 130.

This is causing both physical and mental fatigue and stress.

The Tresiba website says you can take another dose after 8 hours?
I know Tresiba has a 48 hour tail?

Trying to figure out what to do I don’t like going 30-40 higher.

Will connect with my endo again.

The pump is not an option.

Try a different basal?


You can take it any time of day, but it becomes impractical to keep taking it 3 hours earlier than the previous day continuously… so unless you’re just talking about adjusting the time of day you take it once then I don’t think that’s practical. At 1.5u you are taking nowhere near a therapeutic dose, so I think one of the most practical places to start looking at adjustments (in discussion with your doc) might be increasing your dose, as well as continuing to experiment with taking it at different times of day

Although the tresiba instructions say you can take it after 8 hours… that’s in the context of taking it 1x daily with no less than 8 hours in between … not in the context of taking it every 8 hours…

Oh thank you Sam. Much clarity and will up my dose.
Last time I upped my basal experimenting I went low at night…50. So that wasn’t good.
I will try again tho as physical things can change after a month or so of my last basal increase attempt.
I wonder if there is a better fit basal for me now?
Thanks mucho.