Accu Check Aviva vs. Precision Xtra? (huge difference in glucose readings?)

I’ve been using the Precision Xtra glucometer since I was diagnosed back on 2009 because it was prescribed to me. I just bought a different monitor yesterday, the Aviva Accu Check and I’ve noticed that the readings are higher with the Precision Xtra! Yesterday, for example, I checked my glucose with the Accu-Check Aviva and it was reading 147 (2 hour postrpandial), then I compared to the Precision Xtra and it was 174! That’s a huge difference to me. This morning I checkd my fasting blood sugar with the Precision Xtra and it was 117, with the Accu-Check Aviva it was only 93! I am confused now, I now that the best thing to do is take it to my doctor and compare my readings to the one they use. But my next appointment is not until 2 months from now. Does anyone have an explanation for this difference between monitors? Maybe someone has experienced the same problem and can give me some good advice. Thanks in advance!

Bitter-Sweet, There have been many discussions here regarding glucometer accuracy. I’ve become increasingly outraged by the industry acceptance of the +/- 20% standard. I treat my diabetes with insulin, a hormone that can and does kill.

My choice to keep my blood glucose as close to normal as possible expose me to a greater incidence of hypoglycemia. A meter that tells me I’m at 174 but I’m really at 147 is a big deal to me. If I correct the false 174 then I’m setting myself up for the dreaded roller-coaster.

In addition, I use a CGM that I calibrate with my glucometer. That proposition is totally flawed!

I recently changed from the WaveSense Presto because it was reading consistently high when compared to the hospital’s Yellow Springs lab standard. I switched to the Accu-Check Aviva in an attempt to get better numbers. Things seem better now but I have no way to confirm this.

One thing you can do is always take your meter with you for the lab blood-draw and log a BG test and then compare it to the lab report.

Good luck!

Did you ever compare your old meter to the doctors to know if it was accurate at one point? I use the Aviva and it is accurate for me - I do test it against the lab. Like Terry, I tried the Presto last fall and it read high. Fortunately right after I got it, I was also going for lab work so tested it. According to the lab, my BS was 84 and the Presto had 110 (I just looked at the article I wrote about it). The Presto was not even within the 20% range. Unfortunately, not all meters are accurate. There was also a discussion awhile back that some meters might be accurate for one person but not another.

Can you call your doctor’s office & ask them if you could come in just to run a test on the meters? That is really the only way to know which one is actually accurate.

A man with one clock knows what time it is. A man with two clocks is never sure.

I bet in both cases that both meters were within 10% or 12% of the “True number” (whatever that might be!)

Even the lab has error bars.

I was diagnosed before any home bg testing was available so maybe I have a different attitude than others. I don’t feel “entitled” to the perfect meter because I’m just so happy to have any kind of useful bg test available.

I have noticed a difference in readings between different meters, and had it confirmed by a phlebotomist that there are variations between meters. I think you are taking the right approach by asking your doctor about them. Perhaps, you can give your doctor a phone call about your concern, instead of waiting for the appointment.

The two clocks is funny, thanks for a good laugh.