Accu Chek Combo Insulin Pump & Aviva Combo Meter

Hello everyone! I was wondering for those of you who have the Accu Chek Combo, have you been able to find a "Case for the meter" and I mean a rubber case for the meter itself to go into not the black zipper case that comes with the Meter & Pump..
Well I managed to find someone on FB from the UK who managed to get me one! I have called Accu Chek US several times and none of the people I spoke to knew of this case..
Well I got one! I hope at some point we can find these readily available on the Accu Chek Estore so I can order another..

Here it is :)


571-IMG_0002.JPG (759 KB)

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Hi there,

Yes I mine was shipped with one as standard in the UK. Split after a year or so and they wanted £15 for a replacement, so didn't bother.

Good pump and meter combo though, had an advanced viewing of the updated meter and pump that is being released next year.

Pre filled cartridges, much smaller pump size with, alu body and a better meter...

OMG I love this and would love to get one.