Accu chek compact plus

after my seventh machine in 4 months broke down, I am giving up on the new accu chek which cannot get the drum part working.
did anyone else have problems with it?

I am just wondering which one is the most reliable glucometer out there. any advice will be appreciated

I still have one in a package, never opened it. I’m kind of stubborn and am using a precision xtra, the one the hospital gave us in May. I like it cause it measures blood ketones, which lately I’m doing a lot. I was thinking of using all the other ones I have, but I’ll still always have to use the precision so might as well haul only one around!

So far, I have really only used the One Touch Ultra 2, and the Bayer Contour meters. I loved the One Touch most of the time, although every now & then I would get some inconsistencies and unlikely numbers. The numbers on that meter read consistently lower than other meters I’ve tried. My insurance stopped covering them, so now I’m using the Contour. I like it even though my average went up with it’s readings. It has an alarm option built in that reminds you to test after a meal, which is nice since I always forget. Hope this helps.

I did not have any problems with mine. I don’t use that one very often (I like the one touch ultra). But, I detached the sticker for my accu chek and use it for my sidekick because it’s virtually pain free (and small). =o)

Hi Burcu:)
I have an Accu Chek Compac! Mine is almost 3 years old. The only thing wrong with mine is the top face plate falls off( the part where the strip comes out to test and sometimes when I press the button to turn it on…it doesnt want to come on.) I called AccuChek and they sent me a new Accu Check Compact Plus. Have you called them back
about what is going on? I know them to be a decent company to work with. I dont really know alot about other machines… Just want to encourage you to keep testing thru til you choose a new one.

I’ve had all the different One Touch meters (the One Touch Ultra, One Touch UltraSmart, One Touch Ultra mini) and have been happy with them. I am currently using the One Touch Ultra Mini because it is so small (it doesn’t do anything but test but that is fine with me) and even if your insurance doesn’t cover it it is pretty inexpensive (I think about $20).

After dealing with TWO utterly unreliable Accu-chek Aviva meters–where from box to box the readings could vary by 50 mg/dl I switched to Ultra and I’ve been happy ever since.

I have a regular Ultra in my purse and an Ultra 2 upstairs where I work. They use the same strips so I can put a couple in my purse when I need them. They usually agree with each other and with themselves on two fast tests in a row.

Years ago I had a wonderful Accu-chek Advantage, which always matched the lab, but when I got a new one it wasn’t the same meter and the accuracy wasn’t there any more. Plus the runaround I got from customer service when I was getting crazy readings from the Aviva–and had just started insulin was not to be believed. They had one goal and one goal only–to keep from getting sued and it really showed in how they treated me when I reported my problem.

I use the One Touch Ultra 2 since that’s the one my insurance paid for. I’ve been happy with it. I’m not sure if it matches the lab tests but it seems very consistent with how I feel and what I expect to see based on food/insulin/exercise.