Glucometer suggestions

I’ve had an Ascencia Elite since 2001 when I was diagnosed with Pre-Diabetes. Of course Bayer doesn’t make it anymore, so I got a brand new free Ascencia Contour. I have plenty of test strips left for the Elite, but eventually they will be all gone and I checked with my insurance for co-pays on the meters. It turns out the Contour won’t make it.

They told me they cover Accu-Check and OneTouch test strips, and even gave me a number to get free meters. Now I want to know which one do members of TuDiabetes recommend. I would love to hear some opinions.

Thank you!

i love my OneTouch Ultra Smart. There are a ton of features on it!

i have the one touch ultra smart, one touch ultra and one touch mini
I keep one in my backpack, diabetic bag, and locker at work as well as one as a backup at home. I prefer the one touch ones, but have also used freestyle as well.

Turns out we’re switching insurance starting November 1st. I just checked, and it looks like I’ll be getting the OneTouch.

good choice. I have the OneTouch Ultra 2 and although I plan on switching to a different manufacturer in the next month, I think it is a great meter.

Accu-Check Active is nice. Such a joy to use (after the “prick” part…)!

I’ve got all 3 OneTouch Ultra meters as well. My primary meter is the UltraSmart - I’m big on being able to dissect information in a bunch of different ways, and it’s great for that. My Ultra Mini is my emergency meter - I bring it with me as a backup, and also keep it with me when I’m going somewhere & am not planning on testing (I am never without at least one meter…) it’s small enough to carry easily in a pocket. The Ultra2 is truly my backup meter - it sits in a drawer and is never used - I have it because it’s the first meter I got, but my other two would have to be out of service before I would use it (just not my top choice - nothing inherently wrong with it…)

OneTouch strips are expensive if you happen to have to pay for any out of pocket. Diabetic Express has pretty good prices on them though if you need to (I’ll buy about 1 box of 100 every 2-3 months out-of-pocket it seems)

I have been very happy with the Accucheck Avivia. Its pretty simple, and dependable.

I personally have tried many different meters, I have used Accucheck, I have used a disc style meter(dex), I currently use the OneTouch UltraSmart meter, which I have owned for about 4 yrs. It is very reliable, gives me a whole bunch of information and allows linking to computer by usb cable(not included and I dont have it, plus my computer runs Linux so most meters dont make software for my operating system.) but the info it displays is great!
Plus - I forgot to mention: With my insurance, I pay $20 for 90 days supply of strips) :slight_smile: Yay Caremark(my wifes employer) Plus my generics are free for 90 day supplies :slight_smile:

ive been had diabetes for 3wks now and i use the ascensia breeze2.but bayer is sending me the new contour meter.the meters are cheap but the test strips are high with percription

i control it by diet and exercise

I use One Touch. You can get a free Ultra Mini directly from them. If you go to ebay you can find ultrasmarts that will be free after rebate, with free shipping, so they are completely free. Send me a message and I will send you the seller that I got mine from.