My latest batch of G6 sensors

I’m noticing a couple of things that seem to be consistent.

One is that accuracy on a new insertion seems to settle in much more rapidly, like almost immediately, without the usual flakiness, even without pre-soaking. One recent sensor came out of warmup too high, so I gave it 30min or so, then recalibrated, and it settled right down after that.

The other is that they DO seem to get flaky much sooner into a restarted session. I had to bail on the last two after only a couple of days because they were overreacting to lows and sending false alarms. Not wavering all over the map, just consistently giving me “urgent low” when really I was stable at 80 or thereabouts. Dunno if it signifies changes in the formulas or algorithms, but I’ve had several from this batch and they all seem pretty consistent.

This is pushing me toward a) not bothering with the whole pre-soak rigmarole, a good thing; and b) not as likely to try to do a restart, which has its minuses, though I can live with it. Wondering if anyone else has noticed a difference lately? Also, I wanted to post about something not related to COVID-19.

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Getting a new shipment next month, will update then. I have not noticed changes, currently have 8G trans.

What is mfg date of your latest sensors and transmitter series (8H?)

I just got into a batch that are consistently terrible for the first 12 hours. They expire 10/15/2020.

After 12 hours they are good.

You can always try running in ‘no code’ mode that requires calibration, if you have ample BS strips. It’s one strategy to increase accuracy if your seeing issues. If you try, let me know how it works. I just returned to ‘code’ method because I am low on BS strips.

I’ve had the same experience as DrBB. When I first got the G6, the majority of sensors had a rocky first 12-24 hours (usually reading too low) and calibrating only seemed to make matters worse. More recently, my G6 sensors have been good right from the get go.
I don’t restart, so I can’t say if that’s changed.

Mine seem to work well from the start (I never presoak). However, they often get wonky a day or two prior to expiration, and I just replace them. Do anyone know if the company has a policy of replenishing supply due to early replacement?

You need to call them for each failure. Limit 3 per month.

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