Acer computers aren't that bad after all

I blogged the other day about my P.C. turns out, I either had a virus or my anti virus software screwed things up. She’s working now. The guy told me that sometimes McAfee or Norton firewall will screw up and not allow you on line. He said uninstall if that should happen. I personally think it was a virus cuz I couldn’t restore either, plus when I tried to put a totally new hard drive in, the P.C. couldn’t find it. On the other hand, Acer support was totally rude. For that reason alone I will never buy another Acer. Oh, and we couldn’t reformat the originl drive using XP because of a missing driver. So, the guy did his magic and now she’s working and has XP, plus, he made me a disk that has the driver on it that I need if anything should happen again.