Need some computer guidance

It’s been a frustrating night. I have computer issues and can’t figure them out. My picture slideshow and my music player all of a sudden decided to disappear leaving a white box with a tiny logo in the top corner. Others I have talked to can still see my pics and the music player but i can no longer. I don’t know what the problem is.
Tried reinstalling the music player and that didn’t help. Then I deleted thins I didn’t mean to and am struggling to get it back. I’m afraid to mess with the pics cuz I don’t wanna lose them .

If anyone has any ideas, please let me know. I’m also on facebook and on AIM as jgst516 and welcome IM’s anytime. This is driving me crazy.


What sort of computer? What program are you using for this slideshow and music player?

I have an HP pavilion desktop that runs on Windows XP. I just downloaded the pics right here on TU but use for my music player as do many others here. It has been up and running with no problems since I started here in May and now for the last few days I can’t see either, others can see the pics and listen to the music … I just can’t. What do you suppose happened? Danny suggested to delete the player and reinstall, but I did that and it didn’t make a difference. I
am feeling frustrated. Btw… thanks for handling all the work for Lois’ computer = )

Problem solved thanks to Craig … was a corrupt flash player file.